Our core services are delivered Nationwide, through our specialist divisions.


Protecting your Business

Our core business is to provide insurance solutions to commercial and corporate customers.

As an Independently owned company we have the ability to design a bespoke insurance programme for every one of our clients. Service is provided by a dedicated service team who get to know each client and their business enabling us to deliver our award winning services effectively. To ensure every aspect of our service exceeds expectations each client has access to a board level director who personally oversees the account.

We have a firm belief that our brokers should be constantly dealing with insurers so they develop new relationships and continue to build upon our existing relationships with insurers. Most of our brokers have worked in an underwriting capacity for insurers so they know how underwriters think and they present our clients to the insurance market in the best possible light thus attracting the most competitive terms on their behalf.

Due to our continued organic growth we are constantly placing business both in the local and London markets and we enjoy ‘partner status’ with all the major insurers enabling Romero Insurance Brokers to compete with the International, National, Network and Independent brokers.



Build on your Success

Our specialist knowledge has allowed Romero Insurance Brokers not only to develop effective insurance solutions but also to add value by using our experience to make a significant contribution to the long term success of our client’s business.

Romero Insurance Brokers portfolio of construction clients is wide ranging, from privately owned to public limited companies, from speculative developers to civil engineers and we act for both main and specialist sub-contractors. Our award winning claims team operates to provide an unrivalled service to ensure speedy and efficient settlement of insurance claims.

We have an in depth understanding of the statutory, contractual and commercial needs and as important the necessity to be available and to respond. We recognise that activities continue beyond the constraints of the normal working day and believe in providing a 24 hour service.

We will work with you to establish clear communication with insurers and help you meet your requirements. You can expect us to meet every aspect of your insurance needs with clarity and transparency. Our risk managers also can assist with your Health & Safety obligations providing a full ‘competent person’ service if required.

It is important to ensure that your business has the right protection and Romero’s offer a free review service enabling you obtain a professional second opinion without disturbing your relationship with your incumbent insurance broker.



Ensure your Environmental Responsibilities are covered

Romero Insurance Brokers provide full commercial insurance packages covering areas such as Property & Assets, Business Interruption, Liability, Money, Personal Accident, Computers, Directors & Officers and Goods In Transit. Our insurance programme will be tailored to your specific requirements and underwritten by financially secure insurers.

We provide cover for companies involved in the following:-

Adhesives, Sealants, Aerosols & sprays, Agrochemicals, Basic inorganics, Blenders Building products, Bulk plastics, Polymers, Chemical processing, Distributors and traders
Effluent treatment, Industrial gases, Inks, dyes and pigments Organics, Performance & speciality chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Soaps, Detergents & cleaners, Solvents and Speciality polymers.

We also provide insurance solutions for all forms of environmental protection including:-

• Emergency environmental and disaster response
• Environmental support
• Risk management and training
• Effective claims handling

Please contact Romero Insurance Brokers for a confidential review of your insurance programme.



Be Contract Certain!

We provide insurance for contractors and our unique understanding of this field allows us to bring our clients:

Award winning Customer Service
Trade specific policies
Relevant technical expertise
Market leading Claims Service

Our specialist team ensure that you have the right cover and all your contractual obligations are fulfilled. We will check that any sub contractors have the correct insurance cover to ensure complete protection.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Supply chain risk management, property risk control, health and safety, product recall and environmental regulation are just a few of the operational, financial and regulatory risk challenges facing the food and drink industry.

How you develop and implement your risk management plans and communicate these to the insurance market will be essential in minimising your total cost of insurance and risk.

Our knowledge and experience has been gained working with companies from all different parts of the food and drink sector – from small family run businesses through to the large national organisations.

Bars/Nightclubs/Social Clubs



If you’ve come to enquire about insurance for your nightclub, restaurant, cocktail bar or hotel, you may have noticed that NDML is the insurance provider.

NDML are Romero’s sister company. Like us, NDML is seen as an outstanding specialist in its field. It leads the way in night time leisure insurance.

We’re passionate about speciality. We firmly believe that you get the best cover when your broker knows the industry inside and out. For nightclubs, bars, restaurants etc, NDML is the best choice.

The good news is that although our specialities lie in different fields, the company values and ethics remain the same across both brands. NDML treat customers exceptionally. They go the extra mile. They’re open and honest with clients.

Take a look at their website, www.ndml.co.uk for more information. But rest assured, they’re the best in the business.

Club Insure

Award winning, specialist insurance broker to over 4000 sports, social, political, community and private clubs across the UK

While we at Romero are insurance specialists, our sister company Club Insure focuses specifically on club insurance. As the fastest growing insurance broker for sports and social clubs, they guarantee comprehensive cover (provided by a panel of British based ‘A’ rated insurers), competitive prices and award winning customer service.

Visit at www.club-insure.co.uk

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering

‘Make’ your insurance cover work for you

There are as many different kinds of Manufacturing and Engineering plants as there are products.

Romero Insurance Brokers enjoy access to all areas of the UK insurance market so whether you are a Plastic Injection Moulding company or you are designing and making Aerospace parts, we can provide a tailored solution.

Every Manufacturer/Engineer has to deal with common risks, such as damage to property or to goods in transit, business interruption, and the various forms of liability. We provide cover for all these and backed by our Award Winning Claims and Customer Service Teams, Romero Insurance Brokers can provide a complete solution allowing you to get on with the business of making things.

We are constantly innovating the services and cover we supply to stay ahead of our competitors, we offer a free review service to ensure that the cover provided by your insurance programme is up to date and as comprehensive as it should be. Please contact our new business department to arrange a free confidential review.

Property Owners

Property Owners

Due to our increasing activity placing business on behalf of Property Owners and Developers we are able to provide the following specialist services:-

• Extensive experience of dealing with Property Owners
• Experience of Running Portfolios in excess of £1 billion
• Valuation Guidance
• Special Relationships with Insurer Property Investors Units
• Experience of setting up Captive Insurance Companies
• Holistic Risk Management Assistance

We have the ability to understand your Profit Centre using our dedicated team with its wealth of industry knowledge and relationships with major and specialist insurers. Our tailored policies offer one of the widest wordings available.

In addition to our insurance services we can arrange supplementary services such as engineering inspection, electrical test certification, fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys and building energy efficiency surveys.



Make sure your cover is not ‘off the shelf’

The retail industry is hugely competitive and requires operators to continually adapt to meet increasing customer demands and legislative requirements.

Whether you are specialist independent retailer or a PLC Romero Insurance Brokers have the experience to provide the right solution at the most competitive price. Romero Insurance Brokers understand the Retail industry’s challenges and are able to a bespoke service to our clients.

Our risk management services are recognised by all leading insurers who have given additional discounts to some of our major clients who use Romero Risk Management services.



Avant-garde Cover for your business

Technology companies must innovate to succeed, and innovation is risky.

Romero Insurance Brokers understand the pressures facing technology firms and are committed to meeting their requirements.

We provide our clients with a full insurance programme including property and liability insurance, risk management and professional indemnity cover. We pride ourselves on providing our client with the right cover, fast & fair claims settlement and award winning service.

We are committed to offering peace of mind and security to technology companies at every stage of their development, from start-ups to large Plc’s.

Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution

The wholesale industry is vast. It encompasses a wide range of sectors: food types, tobacco, plants and flowers, textiles, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals, fuels, machinery to name a few – each with their own specialism’s. This is an industry which is continually adapting to meet increasing customer demand and legislative changes.

We understand the specific challenges and difficulties you face as a wholesaler. Our knowledge and experience in this industry has given us an in-depth understanding of your requirements; we understand that these may differ from business to business.

In the event of a claim, our aim is to minimise the impact on your time and resources and on your business. Safe-guarding your operation as much as possible, and your reputation.

As standard we can provide cover for your buildings, plant and machinery, stock, business interruption and all associated liabilities. Additional cover is also available, depending on your individual needs.

Our product range provides cover for fleets of all sizes and vehicles types. We tailor policy terms and conditions to meet our clients’ needs; offering a variety of covers and flexible pricing solutions including non-conventional rating.



Bespoke Services for Professionals

Romero Insurance Brokers provide bespoke insurance solutions for accountants, architects, engineers, solicitors and the construction industry. We also operate in the emerging professions such as technology and media.

We are committed to building and developing strong relationships with our clients, understanding your business is key to providing the right protection. Using our knowledge of the Local, London and Lloyds markets we have the ability to negotiate the most competitive terms on behalf of our clients.

We have in depth knowledge of Professional Indemnity insurance cover which is critical to most professionals and also Directors and Officers cover which protects directors and officers against liability arising from a breach of duty in their role as a director or officer.

We offer a full insurance broking and risk management service covering both the established professions and more complex risks such as life science and medical research.

Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Insuring the UK’s Fun!!

Romero Sports and Leisure provide insurance solutions to all aspects of the UK Sports and Leisure Industry. 
We have the ability to cover the largest Sporting Association or Governing Body to a single paintball site.  Romero Sports and Leisure have negotiated several exclusive schemes ensuring that we can offer our clients the most competitive cover for any Sports or Leisure activity.
For further information, please visit www.romerosportsandleisure.co.uk or contact Martin Mansley or Richard Nicholson on 0113 281 8110.