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Peace of mind for you, your family and employees

With NHS queues and delays growing incrementally, Private Health Insurance is now the only way to guarantee quick diagnosis and immediate access to best medical treatment and aftercare should ever you need it.       
Private Healthcare cover is inexpensive and packages can be tailored to suit most budgets and situations.
With a Private Health Insurance plan you are back in charge of your own and your family’s healthcare options.   
Once you have a plan in place you have the peace of mind knowing you have immediate access to the best Medical Treatment and Aftercare should you need it.  
A private health insurance plan provides you with some tangible benefits:
  • NHS delays can be avoided for rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Private specialists and consultants will be available for the best advice
  • MRI/CAT scans usually be carried out within a week
  • Access newly approved drugs/treatments not available on the NHS
  • Recovery in a comfortable, quiet, private room with good food and no visitor limits
  • Access to quality out patient care i.e. Physiotherapy treatment   
Other features like dental or travel cover can be added to your plan if you choose.
With so much recent change in the market it is prudent to review your existing Healthcare Insurance arrangements to ensure your cover provides the right protection for you, your family and your employees.  
For further advice or a quotation, please contact Daniel Atkinson 0113 281 8110 or alternatively speak to your designated Romero Account Director/Executive.