Month: January 2019


What is Cybercrime and why do you need specialised insurance?

In 2017, there were 4.5 million incidents of fraud and computer misuse across England and Wales. Only 47 of those ended in prosecution. As experts in Cybercrime insurance, we can help you recover if your business is targeted by attackers. Email our team today for more information on the cover we can provide, and read […]

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Romero’s plays starring role in new Biba Manifesto 2019

From consumers, to small businesses to major corporate global clients; insurance brokers manage risk, and help create new opportunities for their customer.” These are the words of John Glen MP at the launch of the BIBA Manifesto 2019 held on Tuesday 15th January at the Houses of Parliament. At a time where the UK insurance […]

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Motor Theft Alerts: Stay Vigilant

A recent spate of specific motor theft M.Os acts as a timely reminder to stay vigilant. A sharp rise in motor theft continues, with insurers paying out record numbers on claims. According to the ABI, the first 9 months of 2018 saw pay outs totalling £271,000,000. A major contributing factor is the speed at which […]

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