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Robin Kinkead and Jo

A coffee with… our Associate Director Robin Kinkead

Let's catch up with Robin Kinkead, our Associate Director. With a pet hate of weak coffee, we'd best make sure our brew is on point.

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How To Improve Risk Management

We take a look at the importance of good risk management and why working with professional risk management experts is always the best plan of action.

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Is using air conditioning safe?

Will using an air conditioning unit increase the risk of spreading coronavirus?

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Unoccupied office building

Protecting your unoccupied property

Stuart Stead discusses measures businesses can take to ensure temporarily unoccupied premises remain protected.

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Office computer on a desk, part of a business's IT infrastructure

Now is the time to improve your business’s IT infrastructure

Our IT Director, Mark Noble, shares expert advice on how to improve your business's IT infrastructure.

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Let’s Stay Positive – Read Romero’s Good News Stories!

It's time to celebrate good news stories! In these unprecedented, challenging times we're bringing you positivity from the industry.

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PPE facemasks to ensure workplace safety

COVID-19: Workplace Safety and Liability Claims

How can employers make sure they keep both their employees and their business safe when returning to "the new normal"?

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Keeping your unoccupied premises safe

You must continue to make sure your site remains safe, even while it remains unoccupied.

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Construction site ready for reopening

Download our reopening checklist

Make sure you take adequate steps to control risks and ensure the safety of your premises while reopening.

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People working in the office environment

Liability FAQs: All you need to know about liability policies

Get to know the various Liability policies that could protect your business.

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Don’t cancel your Business Interruption cover

We strongly recommend policyholders don't cancel their cover, to make sure your business has adequate insurance protection against the ‘what ifs’.

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Celebrating our ancestors this VE day

We pay our respects to the people who've inspired our team.

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