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Why you Need a ‘Chartered’ Insurance Broker in 2022

Does Being ‘Chartered’ Matter in 2022?

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Romero’s Wellbeing Voucher Scheme launched

We've built a new wellbeing delivery suite in our Leeds HQ and invested £110,000 into employee wellbeing

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What is The Building Safety Act 2022?

What does this new legislation mean for your business or property?

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Case Study: Why it’s important to choose a dedicated insurance broker

Romero Insurance Brokers are a safe harbour when you find yourself in a claims storm

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Why constructors need to be protected by a broker

An Increase in Tool Theft Claims and Fraud

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How inflation increases risk of underinsurance

Don't fall victim to the condition of average after inflation

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3 Tips on How to Create a Strong Password

Double-check your security on World Password Day

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Does your business require an asbestos survey?

Asbestos can still be found in over 1.5 million buildings in the UK

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Protect Duty legislation and how it will affect your business

Does your business fall under the new Protect Duty legislation criteria?

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UPDATE: Motor Parts and Repairs Delay Alert

What is driving up the cost of motor claims?

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5 things high-net worth clients need to know in 2022

Our team provide an update on the changing landscape of private clients insurance

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