In The Press: Insurance Times – 24th July 2019

"Delivering Brexit and uniting the country’: What does Boris Johnson as PM mean for the insurance industry?"

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Hot off the back of Boris Johnson being announced as Prime Minister, the Insurance Times took a look at what this means for the insurance industry. From delivering Brexit to uniting the country once again, it’s a consideration on the effects of the current situation and what the future may hold.

Our MD Simon gave comment on our opinion on the place we’re in now, and what we’re looking for from the future. He stated:

“In our minds, the most important thing for us as brokers and the wider industry is for there to be a conclusion to the current situation to help eliminate uncertainty and allow businesses to plan for the future. The lack of certainty isn’t good for the economy and in turn, for the insurance sector in general. There are also other very important issues that simply aren’t getting the airtime they deserve in parliament.”

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