Premium Credit back online after Cyber Incident

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Premium Credit, the UK company which provides finance to customers to pay their insurance premiums, is back online after suffering a ‘cyber incident’ which left their systems offline and with no access to phones for more than a week.

Many brokers were left in the dark by the situation with very little contact coming from Premium Credit. However, the major FS company say that no data breach was identified and they’ve now released a statement on their website thanking customer for their patience.

The call centre is taking calls although they still only have limited access to emails.

From a customer perspective, it appears that there may still be a little bit of a waiting game. Despite the communications lines becoming available once more, the investigation continues into the exact nature of the attack.

But they do say that to their knowledge, no customer data has been compromised.

There had been rumours which suggest hackers were in complete control of the Premium Credit database.

Premium Credit has though confirmed that any customer payment delayed by the incident will not incur charges or be classed as a default.

Cyber-attacks like these are unfortunately becoming more and more common. And the fact the aftermath of the attack lasted over a week, shows how serious an incident it was.

In a changing criminal landscape, cyber insurance is becoming a must-have. Many companies could not function without their IT. They store sensitive and personal data, as well as information that keeps systems running day-to-day.

We are here to offer advice on cyber insurance to all our clients. Contact us today for more information.

For now, Premium Credit is open for business.  We’ll keep you up to date with progress on this story. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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