If you offer professional advice or services, you should consider Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Those who provide professional services could be accused of negligence if their advice or service causes damage to a customer.

You’ll need to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance if you provide advice or expertise, provide a professional service or handle client data. Customers could make a claim against you if you share confidential information, infringe copyright, make an error while working or provide poor advice that results in lost revenue for a client.

Ask yourself this: could you survive financially if your business was hit by hefty legal bills and compensation payouts? Professional Indemnity Insurance is your financial back-up, there to provide peace of mind that human error won’t make or break your business.

We all make mistakes. But don’t end up footing the bill for yours.

A Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

Find out why should your business consider purchasing this type of cover.

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