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Whatever risk you face, whatever cover you need, Romero Insurance Brokers will support you. We have expertise covering every sector for all forms of insurance, so you can rest assured that whatever happens, we’ll have your back.

Introducing Romero

Romero Insurance Brokers are the UK’s top independent insurance broker. 

We offer innovative solutions to protect, support and reassure you. Our mission is simple – provide you with precisely the coverage you require, and eliminate any unnecessary extras.


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Meet the team

Our people are at the heart of driving the Romero Insurance group forward. We’re proudly
independent, meaning we’re owned by the people who work here. That makes us one big family, and our leaders are passionate about making sure everyone is welcome, happy and health at The Romero Group.

About Us

Romero Insurance Brokers are a chartered, independent insurance broker. We offer innovative solutions to protect, support and reassure you. Bringing certainty in an uncertain world, we’re dedicated to giving you all the cover you need, and none you don’t.

Arrange a confidential review

Contact us today to get started with Romero Insurance Brokers. With your permission, we will be able to perform a confidential review of your business and insurance terms, able to go to insurers and determine our best offer which might be better than your current provider.

Our Work

Romero Insurance Brokers have provided services for a range of clients across multiple industries. See the work we’ve done, the results we’ve produced, and what our clients say about us.

Our Insurers

Romero Insurance Brokers is a well-established and trusted industry leader. We hold longstanding relationships within the globe’s biggest and best insurers. Romero Insurance Clients will gain access to the best policy limits and cover options by using the services of an experienced broker.

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