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The importance of an insurance broker for SME businesses

We know how important SME business is to our economy and our national culture. But insurance is often not top of the agenda for small business owners. Between balancing the books, maintaining income, sourcing work, and accounting finances; many tradesmen and shop owners don’t have the time to look around for the perfectly tailored insurance policy.

It’s why, at Romero Insurance Brokers, we have created an easy, all-encompassing SME insurance policy specific to SME businesses. We believe tradesmen and SME businesses deserve the same treatment expected of multi-national conglomerates, so we’ve worked hard to build an experienced team whose sole focus are the needs of small businesses.

Take advantage of your broker

Our SME Commercial Combined Insurance Policy provides a range of business insurance solutions perfect for smaller businesses. This combined policy will include solutions essential to your specific needs; including public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, buildings & contents insurance, business interruption insurance and motor insurance. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a suitable solution.

What SME Businesses DO WE WORK WITH?

We’re proud to protect a variety of businesses and their people. Corporations of all sizes work with us, in return receiving a comprehensive insurance cover that guarantees total peace of mind.

Our SME commercial combined policy is versatile, able to cater to these types of businesses with a turnover of under £5 million:

All your policies in one place

We offer an online one-stop shop, able to complete comprehensive insurance solutions over the phone.

We only use A-rated insurers, insurers we trust and who value low-risk low-premium business.

Our excellent claims team is what separates us as the best from the rest. Romero Insurance Brokers has over 20 years of experience; using our services you are getting a huge support network included within our competitive premiums.

Contact us to start a conversation about your premium and see if we can’t offer you a better deal.


19% of SMEs have stopped paying for business interruption insurance.

This is a negative and dangerous decline as it could mean many businesses will not receive financial support; for example in the event of a fire or flood and the business was unable to operate for some time afterwards.


The expense of insurance will very much depend on the amount of cover taken out, the risk involved and the negotiating skills of your broker. Romero Insurance Brokers have strong relationships with the UK’s top insurers, able to get you the best cover at the best rate. Excellent service and long term client relationships is where we shine; helping small businesses grow and having the steps in place for their insurance to grow with them.

Small businesses often don’t need cover to the same extent as large corporations, however there are a few policies which are mandated by law, and also too risky not to have. A broker will get to know you and your business, determining what insurance covers are necessary and what level of cover you require, and importantly, can afford.

We consider any business with under a £5 million turnover to be an SME. This is dependent on properties owned, number of employees and growth. Small businesses tend to be independently owned and with fewer than 100 employees. According to the government, there are 5.7 million small to medium businesses in the UK, but their parameters are quite a bit wider.

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