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What is a confidential review?

We will provide a benchmark on your current insurance without disturbing your relationship with your current provider.

As an award winning independent insurance broker, we understand the value of trust, integrity and privacy. We also understand the importance of exploring, due diligence, and protecting what you’ve built. Therefore, a confidential review is the best way business can utilise our services and receive an estimated quote for an improved policy without jeopardising their relationship with their current provider.

A confidential review is a comprehensive assessment of a business’s policies and risks, only known to you and us. As a qualified third party, we will evaluate the results and service of your current broker, as well as what steps could be taken to improve your end of the deal. The key feature of a confidential review is that it maintains the utmost secrecy and discretion throughout the process. Only authorised personnel within the organisation and the reviewing team have access to the information exchanged during the review, ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Enormously helpful to businesses, a confidential review often results in a better understanding of the market, what can be improved and what steps need to be taken in order to improve cover and potentially save money.

What is a confidential insurance review?

In no particular order, here is a list of the top areas we will review and where we are most likely to see improvements:

The clearest area we can review is where you are covered and where perhaps cover is missing. Understanding your business is essential to knowing what cover is necessary. It’s essential an insurance portfolio grows with a business, and new obligations may mean your cover is out of date. Have one of our experts review your policy and make sure your cover types and cover limits are appropriate.

Inflation and market increases are forcing the sums insured of policies to be improved. The cost of materials, increasing cost of labour, the hard market, sums are needing to be raised to match risk. Don’t risk underinsurance – ask for a policy review, or as part of a confidential review from Romero Insurance Brokers. See our information about the dangers of underinsurance.

A broker’s claims service is area we pay particular attention to because of the high standards set by our award-winning claims team. We will be checking whether your current provider’s claims team are capable, regularly does their due diligence, and have addressed any outstanding claims.

Upon switching to Romero Insurance Brokers, we will attack your claims reserves and work to shorten your claims history. We will aim to position you as a better, healthier proposition for insurers by performing a claims defensibility study. Keeping claims under control and realising the true likelihood and cost of a claim arising will help offer immediate savings. See the importance of keeping claims under control 

Romero’s confidential reviews help businesses ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements specific to their industry. By evaluating existing policies and procedures, our reviews can identify gaps and recommend necessary improvements to ensure compliance. Choosing to implement our suggested changes enhance the company’s standing with regulators and reduces the likelihood of penalties or legal complications.

We will objectively analyse your organisation’s processes, policies, and systems. By detecting areas of concern, you’ll be able to take proactive measures to mitigate risks, improve compliance, and safeguard their reputation.

All businesses want a better price on their expenses, and that includes insurance. Truly the best and clearest path to achieving better terms is to consult a broker. Romero Insurance Brokers will do our due diligence on current best rates, negotiate with insurers and be able to update clients on the best solution for them. We will need to learn about your business in order to provide the correct level of cover that is affordable. Alongside a policy, clients will gain all the benefits of a dedicated independent broker – including an award winning claims team and expert risk surveyor. Get more out of your spend with Romero Insurance Brokers.

The importance of keeping claims under control

If a business has outstanding claims reserve, it can often produce a poor perception of risk on behalf of insurers and brokers alike. Out of control claims will make your proposition look far more precarious, hence your business will be subject to inflated premiums.

Upon confidential review, Romero Insurance Brokers will assess your claims history and any unresolved claims. This will provide a good indication on immediate savings and room for improvement.

When a business switches to Romero Insurance Brokers, we will attack your claims reserves and shorten your claims history. We will work to position you as a better, healthier proposition by performing a claims defensibility study. We will work with you to improve your risk management and get your premiums under control. As a risk-averse business, we’ll negotiate improved terms and reduced premiums in line with the current market.

In the hands of our award winning claims team, businesses can be sure they are receiving the best service.

Why have a confidential review with
Romero Insurance Brokers?

Confidential reviews offer businesses an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current insurance. It also demonstrates how their insurance is affect by current operations and processes. It’s the best way to further understand your policy and insurance costs without having to go to your current provider.

The full benefits are far-reaching. They include risk identification, compliance strengthening, fraud prevention, potentially better terms. By accepting a confidential review form Romero Insurance Brokers, businesses can improve their offering and build towards long-term success. Partnering with a Romero insurance brokers will ensure the review process is conducted professionally, securely, and secretly.

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