Health and Safety and HR Outsourcing for Romero Clients

Romero Insurance Group clients will be able to take advantage of Sentient, a HR outsourcing and H&S training business. Sentient has recently been acquired by the Romero Group, and we have adopted their services into our offering.

Sentient services include:

HR outsourcing solutions

HR Services by Sentient include everything businesses need to maintain a legally compliant and flourishing workplace. Acting as your HR partner, Sentient will be an extension of your business, understanding you and your team, empowering them to help your business thrive.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Services by Sentient ensure businesses work within positive, safe and legally compliant processes. Sentient’s services are to reduce risk, advise on regulations, and deliver training so that your managers never endanger themselves or your staff. Risk assessments by Sentient will help reduce the likelihood of an incident, and Sentient’s auditing services will save Romero clients time and money.

Employment law

As Employment Law experts for businesses, Sentient offer Employment Law Training and Advice for Romero clients of all sizes. Sentient’s HR team are qualified and able to alleviate any confusion over the specifics of contracts and confidentiality issues, as well as ensuring Romero client businesses are compliant with the latest case law.

Food safety

Food Safety consultancy services available for Romero clients. Sentient provide businesses with advice on food safety policy and management systems. Food Safety Training on Food Hygiene standards are also available.


If you or members of your team are looking for training which can elevate your workflow, then Sentient’s training services are ideal. We have training courses on human resource processes, health and safety, food safety and first aid. Sentient members are IOSH accredited and hold decades of experience.

Introducing Fiona

Learn more about Sentient’s service and their relationships with the Romero Group by listening to Fiona McQuillan, Sentient Director.

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