001 Ltd Energy Broker

With energy costs currently being one of the greatest risks to our sector, The Romero Group have worked to source a partner who can help your venue reduce it’s outgoings on energy, ensuring you’ve on the best possible deal.

001 Ltd are an independent commercial utility consultancy with over 20 years’ of experience supporting businesses to ensure they are on the most competitive rates as well as recovering historic overcharging by their utility supplier.

For Romero clients we have developed this partnership to ensure we can help you reduce your costs in any way possible. So read on to discover how 001 Ltd can support you and how to access their services.

What are the benefits of using an Energy Broker

Romero clients will benefit from an energy broker’s decades of experience, requesting advice and an understanding of the intricacies of the energy market. Energy brokers know how to find ways to secure the most competitive rates.

001 Ltd offer a range of benefits and are a proudly independent business. They will provide unbiased advice based around what’s best for your venue, not what’s best for suppliers.

Benefits of using 001 Ltd as your energy broker include:

• Being fully independent and able to navigate the market without bias.
• Save time and cut out the inconvenience of contacting energy suppliers.
• Acquire a dedicated Account Manager to troubleshoot and answer queries for you.
• We help our business customers make significant savings and reduce costs.

What’s more, thanks to their scale and buying power, they’re able to negotiate the best results for your venue with the UK’s major energy suppliers.

What services are available through 001 Ltd Energy Broker?

Explore the service made available to Romero Group clients through our partnership with energy broker 001 Ltd.

001 Ltd will review current and historic contracts as well as billing. They will recover any overcharging, identify where savings can be made, and identify improvements.

001 Ltd provides access to the full energy, water and telecoms market. They can use their buying power to achieve the best value for your venues. They will arrange a fixed pass-through or alternative flexible contract options.

Capable of handling changes of tenancy for new sites and disposals. They will arrange meter installations and upgrades as well as new connections and disconnections. 001 Ltd overlook both temporary and permanent supplies.

Energy brokers will validate all a business’s utility invoices. They will identify and resolve all billing issues, and provide periodic reporting on consumption, spend and environmental factors

001 Ltd can undertake a site audit. They will provide energy saving recommendations, alongside statutory reporting.

An energy saving LED light installation and maintenance service. Available with no capital outlay.

Solar array design installation and maintenance

001 Ltd will supervise specification, installation and management of EV charging units. We will also notify of EV grants and offer assistance with applications.

001 Ltd includes fixed and mobile telephony. They will assess data connections, broadband, fibre and leased lines. All are fully hosted solutions.

001 Ltd will lead business rates appeals. We will perform a rateable value assessment, and be aware of vacant property rates mitigation.

001 Ltd has an in-house estates team who will effectively improve existing terms and protect the landlord-tenant relationship.

We specialise in lease surrender negotiation. We have the experience to negotiate an exit on favourable terms for any leases within the estate.

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