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Is your art collection underinsured?
Here’s what high net worth clients need to know about the risks of underinsured art collections Ecclesiastical performed a survey of 250 high net worth individuals in the UK, all of whom invest in art and own their own art collection. Answers from this survey have revealed that art collectors and private clients are conscious of the various financial risks posed when insuring and owning artwork. 62%...
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Our New Look
Introducing the Romero Insurance website Relaunch We’ve got a new look! Take a while to look around and read the pages which relate to you. The makeover is site wide, featuring faces of our team members and businesses we partner with. Many of our favourite new pages include: Our solutions – Corporate Insurance Our solutions – Commercial Insurance Our services – Buildings and Contents...
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Romero Expert Insights Series: Positivity
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Kevin Sinfield’s Next Challenge
The 7 in 7 in 7 Running to raise awareness and funds to support those impacted by motor neurone disease
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Can you flood proof your business?
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The Launch of the Insurance Influencer
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Romero Expert Insights Series: Security
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Get Ready for HSE Metalworking Inspections
Metalworking businesses need to be aware of the potential for visits from the HSE to oversee their fluid and coolant usage. Operators and managers should crack down on the performance and safety procedures involving metalworking fluids. The HSE will carry out unannounced inspections at each premises using these specialist machines between now and March 2024.
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Understanding Track Safety for Motorsport Businesses
The HSE has recently published findings on the competence of motorsport business owners and event organisers when putting on racetrack events. Their investigation, in conjunction with Fife council, noted a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding track safety. Therefore, they have published the following safety notice as well as action required. This article contains public sector information...
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How is Climate Change Contributing to the Insurance Gap in Flood Protection?
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The Romero Expert Insight Series
Leadership, Management and Growth over 12 Months   As part of our 2023 insights initiative at Romero Insurance Brokers, we will be highlighting team leaders across the Romero Group. Over 12 months, The Romero Group will showcase 12 important figures, each from different departments and different disciplines. We will ask our experts about their roles and responsibilities within the company, including...
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Does my insurance cover an organised car event?
Car owners must know when and where they are covered, and the limitations of their insurance, to ensure they stay insured. Owners of specialised cars, vintage cars, and supercars often run into the roadblock of struggling to understand the limits of their cover, having to go through their insurance documents with a fine-tooth comb, only to discover they are not as insured as they might like. Drivers...
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Romero Expert Insights Series: Stability
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Changes to automatic fire service dispatch
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Meet Mya Tidd, Leeds's new addition to Private Clients
What is your job title and what are your responsibilities? My job title now is Private Clients Accounts Handler. I have my own clients. I build relationships with these clients so that they have friendly face they can contact. Alongside this, I am also a Wellbeing champion and a First Aider.   Where were you before working in Romero Private Clients? I used to work in accounts and have been there...
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Graduate Development Programme
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What to do about Rising Commercial Fleet Insurance Costs
Why are fleet insurance premiums going up? And what can you do about it? It has never been more costly to run a fleet. Almost every possible cost that could be rising, is rising for fleet managers. 2023 has seen the highest rise in vehicle costs, from fuel to parts, to stock, to replacement vehicles – fleets are getting more and more expensive to maintain. And it’s had a knock on effect on insurance. On...
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Is that a Chat Bot at the end of the phone?
Various insurance brokers now use advanced artificial intelligence system to answer customer queries. This is because AI is cheaper, often faster and can filter out spam callers. However, are insurance brokers risking alienating their real customers. Many businesses have noted their reservations to adopting Chat Bots due to the believed impact they may have upon customer service standards.
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An Introduction to Sentient for Romero Insurance Clients
Fiona McQuillan is the Director of Sentient. Fiona discusses how Sentient formed, grew and became acquired by the Romero Group. Fiona also discusses the services provided by Sentient and their relationship with Romero Insurance Brokers. You can watch the full interview here, or see below to read what Fiona has to say about We Are Wellbeing’s history, services and rebrand:    
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An Introduction to We Are Wellbeing for Romero Insurance Clients
Andy Romero-Birkbeck is the Director and Founder of We Are Wellbeing. After a shift to online services, Andy discusses why he formed the business, how the pandemic changed his business plan, and the main services We Are Wellbeing provides. Having won a contract to deliver specialist Connect 5 training, organisations of all sizes can now train up their managers and improve the welfare and productivity...
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