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BT Redcare is no longer shutting down
UPDATE: 13TH JUNE 2024 Since the publication of the below update, BT have since announced they have agreed a partnership with AddSecure, who will take over the monitoring of existing Redcare systems, meaning businesses no longer need to replace their BT Redcare alarm system. More information will be released in due course, and more information on the announcement is available directly from AddSecure. Does...
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nhs cyber attack
NHS Cyber Attack on Major London Hospitals  
What was the cyber attack on London Hospitals? Russian hackers cyber attacked Synnovis which is the provider of pathology services to many NHS hospitals including St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, transplant center the Royal Brompton, Harefield Hospital and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. These are the main primary services that have been affected,...
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matthew barker
Coffee with… Matthew Barker
Matthew Barker is our new Senior Broker at Romero Insurance Brokers. Matthew is an experienced leader in the sector, and comes to us from Gallagher. Matthew has already found his feet here and is ready to get stuck in. We take some time to learn more about Matthew, his background, experience and what he’s passionate about outside of the office. How did you fall into insurance? Like everybody...
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machine injury
Case Study: Company fined after unguarded machine injury
A packaging manufacturer has been fined for safety breaches after a worker received severe hand injuries at a factory in Yorkshire. The Situation: On 15th June 2020, an agency worker injured their fingers when using a table saw without a guard at Loadhog Limited’s site at Hawke Street, Sheffield. The worker, who was operating the saw, received the injuries when his fingers came into contact...
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amela (2)
Coffee with... Amela Niksic, Account Director
Amela is our new Account Director at Romero Insurance Brokers. With decades of experience, Amela is keen to progress and share with her clients the services that Romero Insurance offer. We take some time to learn more about Amela, her background, experience and wishes for the future. How long have you been working at Romero Insurance? I started working for Romero Insurance in 2024, on...
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Issues with the Motor Insurance Database
IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ALL CLIENTS WITH MOTOR FLEET OR PERSONAL MOTOR POLICIES We have been made aware, that following a recent update to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB), the database has become unstable meaning vehicle data may not be accurate. This has resulted in the police stopping and seizing some vehicles appearing to be uninsured, when in fact...
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Kevin Sinfield’s Next Challenge – Running Home For Christmas
Kevin has announced his fifth annual challenge in support of the MND community. So far, Kevin Sinfield and his challenges have raised nearly £10million to support the MND community. He has now planned out his next challenge, expected to take place in the last month of 2024. Kevin announced the details of his next challenge live on BBC Breakfast this morning (22nd May 2024). The challenge is called...
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rob burrow marathon
Romero and Club Insure attend the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon 2024
Around 14,000 runners took part in the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon The 2024 marathon, organised by Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All with support from Leeds City Council, the marathon raised funds for a string of good causes, including the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association and a Leeds Hospitals Charity appeal to build a Rob Burrow Centre for MND, kicked off at Headingley Stadium. Kevin...
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Download our Terrorism Whitepaper - 2024 Update
Whilst terrorism is unlikely, if it does happen,the results could be devastating for your business. Read our terrorism whitepaper to find out how you can arrange adequate cover to insure your business against terrorism.
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equipment breakdown insurance
Is Equipment Breakdown insurance cover worth it?
As machinery has evolved, so too have the risks. Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology. Many organisations rely on equipment to support their operations, with challenging market conditions forcing further reliance on equipment. Sudden damage to equipment is an unfortunate reality, and can cause downtime and disruption. Specific insurance for these instances is available, and...
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go kart death
What can Go Kart Businesses learn from Capital Karts death?
15 year old girl dies after Go Kart Track accident, Go Karting Track pleads guilty. A go karting business has been fined following the death of a 15 year old girl, after her hijab got caught in the drive axel of a go kart. Ruwaida Ada, 15, was resuscitated at the venue but died in hospital of hypoxic brain injury and asphyxiation. Capital Karts Trading was found to blame, and ordered to pay over...
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How the Baltimore Bridge Collapse could affect Insurance Law
Baltimore Bridge Collapse could become The Largest Ever Maritime Insurance Claim It made headlines across the world, and its effect on the insurance market could be everlasting. Six people were killed and the port of Baltimore was forced to close, hence the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge is likely to lead to the largest single marine insurance loss ever, the chair of Lloyd’s of London has...
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tpyes of claim
What you need to do for each type of claim?
Different claims require different actions. We’ve updated our lists to ensure clients know what to do when they want to make a claim of a certain type. The below information is intended as guidance. laims processes are situational and subjective to the client. Please contact a Romero representative immediately upon needing to make a claim.
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insurance review
How a review of your insurance can save your business money?
How a confidential review can save you money Significant changes, both within your business or upon your business, may have not been reflected by the fine details of your insurance or the policy limits. The UK is within an inflationary environment – surging since late 2021 and reaching a record of 11.1% inflation in October 2022. Businesses in recent years have seen their costs soar, alongside...
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The importance of a cyber verification check
The reason for cyber verification checks by insurers and brokers In the most recent cyber security survey, it showed 59% of medium sized businesses were made victim to a cyber attack in the 12 months prior to April 2023. For large businesses and large charities, this rises to 69%. Yet, when it comes to cyber hygiene, and protecting against unsophisticated threats, there has been a consistent decline....
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fleet car wait times (1)
What's causing the long wait times on motor fleet repairs?
Car parts shortages and courtesy car unavailability are leaving drivers in limbo in 2024 By far the most common questions being put to our Claims department by clients corresponds to issues regarding motor fleets and vehicles. There is a two year backlog on motor claims and motor repairs. The ‘busy period’ seems to be never ending; global demand persists while the importation of manufactured...
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How to manage asbestos at your business
What Asbestos Regulations should businesses be aware of? It is now over 20 years since a law was introduced requiring duty holders to survey, identify and manage asbestos within their premises. However business owners still need ensure they know and understand their legal duties surrounding asbestos in the workplace. Who is at risk of Asbestos Poisoning? Asbestos was used in particularly high...
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justin romero-trigo
Romero Expert Insights Series: Goals
Twelfth, and final, in our Insights Series is Justin Romero-Trigo. Justin is the CEO of Romero Insurance Brokers and NDML. He founded the business in 1997 and has led the company to three independent broker of the year awards.
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hr department blue
Your Business’s HR Health Check
The importance of a great HR department A business is only as strong as it’s people. They’re at the heart of what you do, and without them your business couldn’t function the way it does. And at the heart of a successful team, is a robust Human Resources strategy. Take the HR Health Check HR can be complex, particularly as your employee numbers grow. With a plethora of legislation,...
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How to Perform a Business Health Check
Why New Year is the Best Time for a Business Health Check With the new year upon us, many people are making resolutions, joining gyms, adjusting their diet and reducing their alcohol consumption. New Year is a great time to take stock and look at positive changes you can make for the future. But it’s not just our personal lives we should look at with a fresh pair of eyes. When you’re focussed...
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