Supporting employees with Long-COVID

With almost one million people in the UK suffering the effects of long-COVID, it is essential that employers are aware of the effects of the condition and are equipped to manage potential long-term sickness absence cases. Here we offer guidance as to how best to support those who may be suffering from long-COVID:

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An interview with Darren Mills

The professional petrolhead heading up Romero Private Clients

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7 things Businesses Need To Know About Cyber Liability Insurance

From large multi conglomerate corporations to local SME businesses, we are all at risk of cyber-attacks. When huge IT companies get hacked it’s front page news, however the same risks apply to SMEs. Thousands of companies are cyber attacked daily – and that’s why thousands of companies are being recommended cyber liability insurance. The Hiscox […]

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Update to Right to Work checks

EEA passports or national identity cards are no longer sufficient evidence of an EEA citizen’s right to work in the UK. Workers must now prove their immigration status differently.   There exists a legal duty to adhere to legislation on the prevention of illegal working. It is an offence for UK employers to knowingly hire […]

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A Day in the Life of a Broker

What’s it like to be a broker in one of Britain’s top independent insurance firms? At Romero Insurance Brokers, we have recently announced the opening of the new Harrogate office. We asked our colleagues, who will now be working in Harrogate, to tell us how they spend their working day. We wanted to know everything, […]

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What are the Government’s latest COVID-19 rules?

Clarity on the rules is needed. We’ve quickly listed the most prevalent rules on self-isolation and staying safe. Below we’ve also provided details for businesses and risk assessment guidance:   Safe spacing has ended – you don’t have to stay 2 metres apart from other people You can meet with any number of people indoors […]

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Romero Announces Seventh UK Office in Harrogate

We're launching our brand new branch in Harrogate, taking us to seven UK locations.

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How Does The Highway Code Change Affect Me?

What do transport changes mean for insurance?

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The Career Pathway at The Romero Group

In an effort to cultivate and excel the Romero group, we reviewed the outcomes of our continued mission to promote internal growth.

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Insurance Green Cards no longer required

Following the UK’s official withdrawal from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2021, it became a requirement for all vehicle-owners travelling in the EU to carry a Green Card as proof of insurance. A recent update following a deal between the UK Government and the EU has removed this requirement, meaning all UK registered […]

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What is Flexible Working?

Throughout the pandemic has been a substantial increase in flexible working. To compare, in 2010  3% of workers working from home all the time, that figure had risen to 5% before the pandemic. Figures rose rapidly in response to the Government’s guidance that all workers should try to work from home. By the final months […]

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