No one wants to make a claim, but it’s inevitable that at some point you probably will. And it’s then that you really see the quality of your broker and cover.

Make a claim with Romero Insurance Brokers



When things go wrong, the last thing you need is hoops to jump through and red tape to cross. So we’ll do the hard work for you.

We’re dedicated to understanding every part of your cover and your business, so when situations happen, we’ll be ready to take over. By knowing and recording how you’re insured and the risk management put in place, we can prove it to the insurer you did your due diligence. Romero Insurance Brokers helps make sure that, wherever possible, your claim gets paid.

Have the UK’s best claims team take care of your cover

Some brokers will just act as a post box – taking your claim information and passing it on to the insurer to sort out. We’ll never do that.

Our team has the specialist knowledge to fight each and every claim. We have specific teams dedicated to each type of claim, from motor to on-site injury to damages of premises. However big, however small, we’ve been through this before. We know how insurers work, and we know how to get the best for you. Let our award-winning team take the strain, so you can get back to running your business right.

We have an excellent track record for helping clients out of difficult situations, fighting their side, and delivering over and above expectations. This is why we’ve won the industry’s top awards and continue to lead the sector.

Our Awards

Claims Defensibility and Risk Management

Our Claims Defensibility Training helps Romero clients identify risks and put the right measures in place. This includes company-wide procedures and policies that can help your business run more safely and effectively.

Better still, our claims team will help you to document, record and capture useful information so you can prove to an insurer you did everything you could to try and prevent a potential incident. 

A successful claim could damage your reputation, increase your premiums and cost thousands in excess. To avoid this, you’ll need to prove your venue was not at fault. The best way to do this is to follow best practice with Romero Insurance Broker’s claims team’s guidance. 

Claims Story and Case Studies

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Make a claim with Romero Insurance Brokers

If you wish to make a claim on your business insurance, please call the number in your policy document.

If you are unable to access your documents at this time and need to inform us of a situation, please call our number while in office hours, and we’ll put you in touch with the right person: 0113 281 8110

If you wish to notify us of an emergency while out of hours, your policy documents will contain the relevant out of hours contact details unique to your policy.


We’ve detailed some important advice to help you understand what to do if you need to make a claim. Whether it’s material damage, motor, cyber, liability; here are the necessary steps for each type of claim. Having these prepared for us in advance is hugely helpful and will help speed the process along.


Every situation is different, therefore different questions will get asked. You will need to provide your name and business, your policy number, and also some facts about the incident. If it’s a flood for example, please provide as much information as possible about what has happened, when and where. This will help us and our emergency response team solve the issue and know what next steps to take.

Your policy number will be present on most if not all of your policy documents. Review your motor certificate or policy schedule, and in the top right of the page your policy number should be visible.

We ask clients to contact a Romero Insurance dedicated claims handler on 0113 281 8110 if they disagree with the assessment of a claim. We’ll be able to walk you through why insurers may view your claim in a certain way, and what can be done to rectify the situation. We are experts in managing difficult situations and negotiating with insurers, so if you feel your business has been let down, we are here to fix it. If you are exploring options and looking to switch brokers, contact us for a confidential review.

Contact us today to arrange a confidential review and explore your options with Romero Insurance Brokers. With your permission, we will be able to perform a confidential review of your business, clams history, insurance terms, and assess current claims service you are being provided. Then opt for a better service and better protection with Romero, which may ultimately save you money in the longrun.

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