If you are looking to travel and you have a pre-existing condition, make sure you are fully covered with specialist travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel insurance will financially cover you against lost luggage, mishaps, and any medical expenses accrued while away from home. However, as a traveller needing ongoing medical treatment or with a serious medical condition, you will likely be quoted a very expensive travel insurance policy. The increased premium depends on what your pre-existing condition is, but generally the more severe the illness the more you will be asked to pay.

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What is considered a pre-existing condition?

Pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing medical condition as long as there have been no prior complications. Most insurers will cover pregnancy care within the standard travel policy. You should not travel if you are over 37 weeks pregnant. Always check you are covered with your insurer or your broker.

What are the options for travellers with pre-existing conditions?

You’ll still be able to find travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition, but it’s important to declare it beforehand. Your insurer can file for non-disclosure if they believe you have hidden medical information from them when purchasing a policy.

Before travelling, see your doctor. They will advise on the precautions you should take while travelling and will supply you with the information you need to provide when purchasing a policy. This will help to economise your spending as some insurance providers will cater to specific medical conditions and provide better rates with more specialised policies.

As your broker, it is our responsibility to help you find the best medical insurance service that caters to your needs. And as a member of BIBA we recommend using their directory to find a specialist provider.

As well as covering expenses related to your condition, travel insurance provided by these specialist insurers will include cancellation, personal liability, lost luggage, and emergency assistance.

What are the other travel insurance specialisations?

They include:

  • For pre-existing conditions
  • Over-65s and Over-70s
  • Winter sports
  • Pregnancy
  • Backpackers and Single-trip
  • Cruise insurance
  • Cancer patients


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