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Sports and Leisure Business Insurance Policies

What can be included in a sports and leisure insurance portfolio:

Your premises could be damaged by a fire, flood, theft, water damage and other unexpected incidents that you simply can’t prevent. With comprehensive Buildings Insurance, you’ll be able to start repair work straight away, so your doors won’t stay closed for too long. Contents insurance will cover the cost of replacement for lost stock, furniture and contents in the event of a claim.

Public Liability Insurance is necessary for all public businesses. If a third-party suffers an accident, injury or property damage due to your negligence, you will be left financially liable for compensation payouts or legal costs.

You are legally required to have Employers’ Liability Insurance if you employ any member of staff. If a member of staff is injured or falls ill at work and you’re found liable, Legal costs and compensation settlements can be expensive. By working with a broker like Romero, you have total peace of mind that you have the right cover in place.

This type of insurance provides invaluable cover for individuals responsible for running a business. This includes Directors, Partners or Officers, who could be sued for any alleged wrongful acts while managing the business. This includes health and safety issues, defamation, negligence and more.

Instead of juggling several different policies, your Fleet Insurance allows you to insure all your vehicles under one policy. This means you can easily keep track of renewal dates, vehicle changes and modifications, new drivers and any claims.

90% of cyber attacks are successfully executed. Business owners and managers must ensure they are aware of cyber threats that could impact their business and do all they can to mitigate these risks, including being comprehensively insured.

Customers could make a claim against you if you share confidential information, infringe copyright, make an error while working or provide poor advice that results in lost revenue for a client. Be insured to protect against compensation payouts.

Business Interruption Insurance is there to support you if something does go wrong and you’re unable to trade for a while. We’ll get to know your business, assess your risks and make sure your policy will provide the cover you need should the worst happen.

We have a range of other covers available which may be essential for your business. These include loss recovery, environmental liability and terrorism.

Arrange a confidential review – Contact us today to get started with Romero Insurance Brokers. With your permission, we will be able to perform a confidential review of your business and insurance terms, able to go to insurers and determine our best offer which might be better than your current provider.

What are the Benefits of using Romero Insurance Brokers for your Sports and Leisure business insurance?

There are a range of reasons why a sports and leisure business wants to work with Romero Insurance, from our dedicated service too our award winning claims team. We firmly believe in taking the time to understand your business and it’s needs, in order to properly deliver a tailored insurance portfolio.

It’s an industry fraught with potential danger and exposure for you, your members, your customers, and the public – we think it’s important that you’re looked after by an experienced broker who understands these exposures in depth.

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Romero Insurance Brokers are perfectly positioned to out compete both multinationals and independents. We will provide the care you’d expect from a neighbourhood broker by organising one account handler as your permanent direct contact.

As a large decorated broker, we are dedicated to the welfare of our clients, offering an unparalleled range of services. We are able to help our clients grow, and develop their insurance portfolio as they grow, alongside our clients, building their policy, and maintaining a superior level of service.

Award-Winning In-House Claims Team

We host a large claims team, one of the largest in the UK. This is because we understand the importance of getting claims sorted properly and promptly. We recently won the Insurance Times Claims Excellence Award, highlighting the great work our claims team does.

Specialist In-House Broking Department

Romero Insurance Brokers are market-leaders in the sports & leisure insurance sectors. Our client list is wide-ranging, and our offices host one of the largest in-house broking departments. We service businesses nationally & internationally, protecting over £250 billion of business.

Becoming a client means gaining access to this network, and you know your organisation is in safe hands without any of the drawbacks of a multinational broker.

Tap into our network for International Advantages

As part of the largest international insurance service network, hosting 120 countries, Romero Insurance Brokers is in the best possible position to insure your international risk. We’re able to work efficiently with other brokers across the globe, strengthening our market position abroad.

We can also provide a range of wellbeing, health and safety and HR solutions to support all areas of your business. Contact us for further information about our complementary services.

What Our Sports and Leisure Clients say about us


The cost of a sports and leisure venues’ insurance will very much depend on the size and details of the business. At Romero Insurance Brokers, we have built up relationships with triple A insurers, and we understand the market. We are able to negotiate with insurers and manage the best result for your business. For the best shot at receiving a reduced premium and better terms, you need to use and experienced broker.

To learn how much you could save by switching to Romero Insurance Brokers, contact us for a confidential review.

Business insurance is a comprehensive portfolio of covers, insuring you against losses sustained from instances such as; theft, flood, fire, public incidents, employee injuries, business interruption and many more of the risks posed to your business. Sports and leisure businesses can work with Romero insurance brokers to create a bespoke and tailored portfolio of all the covers they need, while eliminating those they don’t.

From small karting tracks to large arenas, from local gyms to large multiscale facilities – Romero Insurance Brokers can create a policy to suit you. Protect your business finances, employees, offices, properties, and directors. All sports and leisure venues should work with a dedicated broker who will take the time to understand their business, and premises, and claims history, in order to deliver the best, most appropriate, insurance option for full coverage.

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