In December 2023, we announced our partnership with AssuredPartners. They are one of the world’s most powerful insurance broking organisations.

This exciting relationship puts us in a position to deliver even better results for our clients whilst maintaining our trademarked ‘exceptional’ service.

Who are AssuredPartners?

Founded in the United States in 2011, AssuredPartners are one of the largest brokers in the world, with over 9,200 employees and over £18billion GWP. By being part of this family, we have access to greater buying power than ever before.

After growing organically to become the largest independent broker in the UK, partnering with AssuredPartners was a natural next step in our growth to help us continually improve our service and the deals we’re able to access for our clients.

Our mantra from day one has always been to ‘Treat Customers Exceptionally’.

This is something that has been embedded in everything we do, and is a mindset shared with our new partners. Despite the scale and influence AssuredPartners wield in the UK & US insurance markets, they have retained an independent mindset and entrepreneurial spirit like us. This means they remain committed to personal service built on strong relationships.

Why we’re different

Most other brokers consolidate and merge their teams in a drive to reduce cost and boost profits. This means services get absorbed and personal, face-to-face relationships are dissolved. We’re dedicated to ensuring this never happens.

Our core functions – from our client account management, to claims handling, to our accounts relationship – will all remain in-house and controlled by the Romero team. Our clients and partners will see no change away from our ‘exceptional’ highly-rated service.

This partnership with AssuredPartners means that we can continue to deliver the same high standards of service with even more resources to enhance how we can support our clients.

What does this mean for my business?

This combination of scale and influence, paired with our service-led ethos delivered by an in-house team means we can consistently deliver for your business.

Throughout our history, we’ve remained true to our values, centring on a commitment to exceptional service and investing in our people. Going into 2024, our partnership means we can continue to do all of this and more for every one of our clients.

Power Through Partnership
Innovation Through Partnership
Passion Through Partnership
Expertise Through Partnership

Partnership with AssuredPartners brings
Increased buying power

With a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of over £18billion, we’re now one of the largest broking organisations in the world. Whilst these numbers might not mean a lot at first glance, they paint a picture of scale, strength and negotiating power.

Because we place such a large range of business globally, we have strong relationships with the world’s leading insurers at the highest level. This means we can negotiate the best possible deals for our clients, with the decision makers who can keep your premiums under control.

What’s more, because of the independent mindset that is embedded into the AssuredPartners family, we’re not restricted to using certain insurers.

Many consolidated brokers have relationships with certain insurers, meaning the broker earns increased commission for working exclusively with a limited panel of insurers. Whilst this is great for the broker, it means clients suffer. With no incentive to negotiate hard or reduce premiums, both insurers and brokers can become complacent and not offer the best possible terms for clients.

In addition, you also might not get the best insurer for your risk. For example, if you’re a large-scale construction business, but your broker has a relationship with a Marine & Aviation insurance specialist, you might not be getting a policy that is tailored made to fit your requirements.

Whereas our approach means we can source the best insurance terms from any insurer. This allows us to source the best sector experts to design a policy that best fits your needs, as well as negotiating the best possible premium.

Justin on AssuredPartners

In my own mind, the next position was for Romero Insurance Brokers to become a multinational player in the market. We took a look at our options, of which we had many, and decided an acquisition by AssuredPartners would see us going in the right direction.

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