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So you’ve thought about all the ‘must haves’ on your insurance shopping list.

But what about other additional covers that are designed to keep your business safe from lesser-known risks?

Don’t view additional covers as a gamble that might not pay off. Ultimately, you never know what’s round the corner and comprehensive insurance cover makes sure you’re financially protected whatever happens.

Our job as your broker is to advise on the additional covers you should consider. These include…

Excess of loss

Provides a ‘top-up’ on policies such as Employers’ Liability and Public Liability insurance limits if your insurer is not able to fully insure the whole of your risk.

Loss recovery

If you have to make a claim, your Loss Recovery Insurance will give you access to an independent Loss Adjuster who will negotiate with insurers on your behalf and help you recover from the incident as quickly as possible.

Environmental liability

This will cover you if you need to repair environmental or pollution-related damage caused by your business activities.


You’ll need additional Terrorism Insurance to cover you if a terror attack impacts your business.
It won’t be automatically included in your existing policies.

Equipment Breakdown

This cover will protect against unforeseen breakdowns in elecctrical and mechanical equipment.

Is Equipment Breakdown Insurance Cover Worth It?

A Deep Dive into Equipment Breakdown insurance, including what’s covered and what’s not.


Discover the risks you need to be aware of and learn the importance of Terrorism Insurance.


Find out more about additional covers, including case studies and advice from our experts.

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