Prohibition PR

Prohibition PR is a multi-award-winning PR agency. They advise brands on how to manage public relations crises and online brand reputation through the use of content marketing and social media marketing.

Operating out of the North of England for over a decade, their specialist integrated PR team has built a reputation for delivering highly successful, innovative PR campaigns that generate real results and impact.

Prohibition PR has won over 45 awards since they began in 2012, including PRIDE’s ‘Outstanding PR Agency’ award and Prolific North’s ‘Best Integrated PR campaign’, they’ve firmly cemented their title as one of the industry’s top 20 PR agencies outside of London.

Some of the services provided by Prohibition PR include:

When it comes to business and brand relevance, reputation is everything. Any reputation, however strong or well-established, is vulnerable to certain risks in which a simple mistake could cause substantial, sometimes irreparable, damage. Over the years, maintaining a positive reputation has become even more of a challenge as high customer expectations and radical transparency now reign supreme due to digital proliferation.

Prohibition PR will talk to stakeholders, prepare crisis response, and draft statements. Prohibition PR ensure everything is in place, so that when a crisis does happen, businesses can recover as fast as possible.

Prohibition PR will assess how your brand is perceived online and what actions can be done to improve your rankings for search terms. They will create a action plan to improve your brand’s visibility and promote the right message.

Get featured in national and reginal press with Prohibition PR by strategising together on newsworthy angles. Ensure the right conversation is being had about your company.

A comprehensive social media strategy tailored to your business’s needs and goals. Prohibition PR will manage your social media accounts, including posting content, responding to comments and messages, and monitoring your social media performance.

Claire Beaumont

Account Director/ Crisis Lead

With over 20 years industry experience, Claire is the crisis and reputation specialist for the agency. She’s worked with some big-name brands like DPD Group, Equans, Symphony Group. She has managed several crises for both UK and global brands throughout her career. 

Rachel Gardner

Account Director

Rachel has worked across a number of B2B clients throughout her career and is keen to prepare clients for talking to the media in the event of a crisis. As a PR and social specialist, Rachel leads on some big names for the agency.


Account Manager

Nick knows how to craft content, or a statement to talk to the target audience. As a former journalist, he has strong local, regional and national media contacts and is great at telling a story.

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