We Are Wellbeing

Part of the Romero Group family of businesses, We Are Wellbeing will provide Romero clients with a range of workplace wellbeing services. The corporate wellbeing services have been developed to help organisations create a culture where their employees feel valued, supported and able to excel both personally and professionally.

Some of the services available to Romero clients include:

A We Are Wellbeing survey aims to find out how your business’s people feel about wellbeing, what’s important to them and what they will engage with. This report gives us valuable clues as to which areas of wellbeing your business needs to focus on.

Romero clients will gain access to pre-recorded webinars, each led by wellbeing experts discussing the most prevalent wellbeing topics.

Through Romero, We Are Wellbeing can offer quarterly catch ups. This involves discussing the launch of your wellbeing strategy, reviewing the past quarter’s reception and plotting in dates for your wellbeing services.

We Are Wellbeing will start a wellbeing champions programme at your business. They will provide training for a few of your employees to become your resident wellbeing champions. Wellbeing champions are your employees who will advocate for good health practices and wellbeing awareness in your workplace. They will promote a positive work culture and are trained on how to see the see the signs of stress.

A mental health training programme designed to improve the capability of your staff when confronted with a mental health issue. The steps include how to be proactive, what you should look out for, and the appropriate response.

Romero clients will be able to empower their managers. They will learn to support their teams through better conversations and enhanced emotional support. We Are Wellbeing will teach them how to interact appropriately and healthily with team members. Also, learning the symptoms of poor mental health and what steps to take in regard to suicide intervention.

We Are Wellbeing specialise in the delivery of health checks at the workplaces of Romero clients. Each employee will receive an instant digital report outlining their health results and our professional recommendations. Results are displayed using our easy to understand traffic light reference ranges. Employers will also be able to see the overall trend of their workforce and be able to identify needs.

Many businesses look to We Are Wellbeing when writing an award submission. To win the award they often note the wellbeing services and how they benefit their staff. We will allow you to detail our services and use our partnership to better any submission for an industry award.

Romero clients have a litany of Wellbeing service now available to them to choose from.

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