Case Studies

Case studies provide Real Life examples of our Service

Private Client, existing Romero Corporate Customer

Private Clients Division

The client who has been a Romero Corporate Client for several years requested a free review of their personal Insurance portfolio.

Romero Private Clients reviewed all his insurance covers and made savings on the Travel and Motor covers.

We arranged an insurer to survey the clients home as we thought he was grossly underinsured in respect of his buildings and contents. The surveyor confirmed our thoughts and we provided a quotation on a revised contents sum insured and even managed to negotiate an unlimited sum insured in respect of buildings so the client would never have to worry about the adequacy of his buildings sum insured again.

This account was secured from a well known ‘direct’ insurance company.

Building Contractor, Nationwide (Head office in Yorkshire)

Construction Division

Romero Claims Service wins a major account from International Insurance Broker!

The client had been with one of the world’s largest insurance brokers for several years but felt service had been slipping especially claims service. Being a major main contractor, the client had several outstanding claims which were having negative impact on their premium spend.

Rather than approach the Market with a grossly over-estimated claims experience, Romeros put together an action plan to help the company get control of their outstanding claims and ultimately Romero Insurance Brokers were appointed as their insurance advisor 3 months before renewal.

Our claims director then made several visits to the client and as a result we managed to close several historical claims and reduce outstanding estimates resulting in a 22% saving in premiums.

We now provide the client with quarterly claim visits and regular updates to ensure complete control over claims.

Independent School, Estate Managers, Equestrian Centre & Leisure Facilities, Midlands

Educator Division

The client requested a confidential review to measure their broker as they had not reviewed brokers in a number of years, they were happy with their current service levels and had a strong longstanding relationship.

We undertook a full review of their Insurance Programme and identified several areas for concern including gross under insurance. We provided two proposals for the School.

Firstly, we provided on a like for like basis, secondly incorporating our recommendations such as increasing sums insured and additional cover. Both proposals were competitive against the previous years premiums.

The client opted to take the increased levels of cover and we were appointed successfully securing the account from a large national broker.

Retailer with over 300 stores, Nationwide

Risk Management Division

This client selected Romeros to review their insurance requirements along with other larger insurance brokers and their business was held by a national insurance broker.

The client had a spiralling claims record and their ‘in house’ risk management team needed help to get control and implement a risk management programme across the group.
Upon our appointment as their insurance broker, we designed a risk management improvement plan to tackle the issues head on.
We have completely redesigned the company safety management system and seconded one of our Risk Managers into the business full time for 10 months to embed the new system and to tackle some of the key issues in conjunction with our claims department and the client’s own health and safety team.
Areas we have tackled include overstocking, which had been a major factor in a large number of slip and trip claims. We have not only embedded a new safety management system but have conducted training and store audits across over 100 stores in the first 12 months. Our Risk Manager also now chairs the clients Health and Safety Committee and is in direct communication with the HR Director and Regional Managers. This has enabled us to really influence the client’s health and safety culture and draw the attention to the direct link between claims frequency and accident downtime on profit to the business.
In the first year of Romero Risk Management being involved the client saw a 19% decrease in claims by number across the business compared to the previous year at a time when the number of stores increased by 8%.