When one of our clients’ cars was written off, our team dealt with the situation efficiently and empathetically to achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

About our service

The Private Client division at Romero Insurance Brokers provides a bespoke brokerage service for high net worth clients. We help to find comprehensive policies such as home and car insurance. These policies are entirely tailored to our individual clients’ needs.

The situation

We helped to arrange car insurance for one of our clients. Unfortunately, their car was written off by a stolen vehicle.

The team needed to take action immediately to help our client. It was simply not good enough just to help negotiate a fair payout from the insurer. Our aim is to always go the extra mile – so we did.

The claims process

Within just 12 hours we arranged for a courtesy vehicle to be delivered to our clients’ home. This relieved them of the stress of being without a car.

We also negotiated with the insurer to allow our client’s vehicle to be repaired by a Bentley dealership, rather than a local mechanic. This meant the car was treated by a specialist who could deliver the very best service for that specific make and model.

Our client says…

“We use Romero brokers for personal and business insurances and have been thoroughly delighted with the level of knowledge and placement of our business with decent, reliable insurers.”

The benefit of working with a specialist Private Client broker

Off the shelf insurance policies are great if your requirements are straightforward. But, for those with luxury lifestyles, unique demands require unique policies. And it takes a specialist broker to negotiate a comprehensive policy with insurers. It’s our mission to protect your world and everything in it.

We know what questions insurers will ask, so we can pre-empt this to speed up to process. Thanks to our extensive experience working with the insurance market, we know which insurers to approach for each individual client. Just like our clients, every insurer is different. We make sure we have up to date knowledge on insurer appetite and wider market trends.

Finally, we have the confidence and expertise to recommend the best quotation and policy to our client. This isn’t always based on price – it can be dependent on the level of cover, insurer requirements and whether the policy matches the client’s Demands & Needs.

Through working with a specialist insurer, our clients have complete peace of mind that their property and possessions are adequately covered. And, if the worst does happen, our team are au fait with handling the claims process from start to finish. This means achieving a fair settlement and ensuring a stress-free process for our clients.

Would you like to experience insurance with a luxury touch?

Consider our expert team your personal shoppers. We’ll find the best policy to suit your needs and, if you do need to make a claim, we’ll help you to navigate the process from start to finish. You’ll always have a dedicated point of contact, which makes finding the right policy a breeze.

Get in touch with our Private Client team for more information.

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