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Terrorism can affect any business

Whilst terrorism is unlikely, if it does happen,the results could be devastating for your business. Read our terrorism whitepaper to find out how you can arrange adequate cover to insure your business against terrorism.

It’s a common misconception that terrorism only affects large corporations located in major cities. In fact, terrorism can disturb a whole area and cause devastating disruption for businesses of every size. And the number of terror attacks happening in smaller towns and rural areas may increase.

Let’s take the 9/11 attack as an example. Big businesses located in the twin towers actually survived because they had adequate insurance cover, where small businesses in the periphery that weren’t physically damaged but couldn’t access their property didn’t survive. This shows that your business doesn’t need to be involved directly in the attack to be damaged by terrorism.

Our terrorism whitepaper discusses key information sourced from the industry’s leading authorities in Terrorism Insurance, including BIBA and Pool Re. Discover all you need to know about how terror could impact your business and what insurance cover you need to consider.

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Download our Terrorism whitepaper

Our whitepaper discusses:

  • What is terrorism?
  • The history of terrorism
  • Terrorism insurance
  • Terrorism myths debunked
  • How terrorism could impact your business
  • What is cyber terrorism?


Download our Terrorism whitepaper here.

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