The Career Pathway at The Romero Group

In an effort to cultivate and excel the Romero group, we reviewed the outcomes of our continued mission to promote internal growth.

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Insurance Green Cards no longer required

Following the UK’s official withdrawal from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2021, it became a requirement for all vehicle-owners travelling in the EU to carry a Green Card as proof of insurance. A recent update following a deal between the UK Government and the EU has removed this requirement, meaning all UK registered […]

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What is Flexible Working?

Throughout the pandemic has been a substantial increase in flexible working. To compare, in 2010  3% of workers working from home all the time, that figure had risen to 5% before the pandemic. Figures rose rapidly in response to the Government’s guidance that all workers should try to work from home. By the final months […]

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Am I At Risk Of Vehicle Theft?

Romero Group Claims Bulletin

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Insurance in the Digital Age: Is how we manage insurance changing?

New technology poses new risks - Brokers are aware and you should be too. Make sure you have comprehensive cover in place to protect your business.

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What is The Building Safety Bill

Amongst other bills passed recently, this bill sets out a framework to improve compliance.

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What is Ghost Broking?

Watchdog said scammers were using the details of an authorised firm to defraud customers. We must know: What Ghost Brokers Are and How to Avoid Them?

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SMEs risk the dangers of underinsurance

The pandemic, safe spacing regulations and the end of government financial support has caused businesses to struggle. Many SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) have been tempted to reduce their cover, cutting a range of insurance policies, and becoming dangerously underinsured. 19% of SMEs have stopped paying for business interruption insurance. This is a negative and dangerous […]

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COVID spot checks and inspections ongoing

The HSE continue to carry out spot checks to ensure safe working practices

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Graduate intake programme 2021

Romero Insurance brokers are hiring. We are looking for exceptional and determined graduates to help grow The Romero Group. We want to see more young graduates in the financial sector, and we believe working at Romero’s is the best place to start. We are offering a five year programme which will involve both education and […]

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