Cyber Questionaire

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Section 1 - Responsibility
Does your organisation have someone responsible for IT?*
Are the Board kept up to date with cyber issues and initiatives?*
What is the ratio of IT staff to end users?*
Section 2 - IT Budgets and expenditure
What is your IT Budget (including staff costs) as a % of revenue?*
Do you have separate budgets for IT and cyber security?*
Section 3 – Asset Awareness and recording
Does the organisation have a record of equipment and assets such as hardware & software?*
Are your assets categorised by business criticality?*
Section 4 – Technology updates & Configuration
Does the organisation have a firewall?*
Has anti-virus or malware protection software been installed on all computers that are connected to or capable of connecting to the Internet?*
Are unnecessary user accounts on internal workstations removed or disabled?*
Are strong, complex passwords defined in policy and enforced technically for all users and administrators?*
Is all additional software added to workstations approved by IT or Management staff prior to installation and are standard users prevented from installing software?*
Are system administrative access privileges restricted to a limited number of authorised individuals?*
Are user accounts removed or disabled when no longer required (e.g. when an individual changes role or leaves the organisation) or after a predefined period of inactivity (e.g. 3 months)?*
Do you apply security patches to all software running on computers and network devices?*
How are version levels maintained on your IT platforms?*
How do ensure your hardware & software suppliers provide timely updates?*
Section 5 - Finance and Payment Control
When it comes to finance payments, who is responsible?*
How do you control requests to change payee details?*
Section 6 – Cyber Awareness and Training
How do you ensure key staff (such as IT) attain and maintain cyber skills?*
How do you ensure staff are aware of cyber and fraud threats?*
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