10 Ways Private Client Insurance will benefit you

The Importance of Private Client Insurance

So you know that your business insurance is taken care of, but what about your home life?

Private Client Insurance can be a time consuming and expensive task, and is often rife with pitfalls. Conventional personal insurance such as motor and household are often not as comprehensive as you might think.

A quick search on a comparison website, or even going direct to an insurer can leave you with gaps in your cover. And this means that if the worst happened and something went wrong, your treasured possessions might not be protected. Leaving you out of pocket, and in emotional distress.

From high value items, to irreplaceable heirlooms, Private Clients and High Net Worth individuals are more likely then any others to be under-insured.

So we’ve pulled together our top 10 reasons why you should consider working with a specialist broker to keep you, your family and their possessions safe. Whatever they are. Wherever you are:

1. Save Time & Money

Due to the potential complexities and uniqueness of your portfolio, ensuring you’ve got everything covered can be incredibly time consuming. It’s all too easy for insurers to bundle things up and not give you a bespoke quote meaning you might be paying for cover you don’t need, or might not have the cover you do need. We’ll take all this off your hands and make sure you have all the cover you need, and none you don’t.

2. Cover Uncertainty

No one expects you to be an expert in insurance. And navigating cover limits, inclusions and exclusions and policy details can be a minefield. By working with a dedicated Private Client insurance broker we’ll eliminate that uncertainty and give you true peace of mind.

3. Better cover. Better prices

We work in the insurance market day in, day out. And that means we know where to find the best cover for your unique situation. We know how to present your insurance portfolio to the market in the most favourable way, which means you get the best prices and terms on your insurance.

4. Cover for unusual items

Whatever might be in your collection, know that it’ll be properly protected. Whether it be artwork, jewellery, property or transport. We’ve seen it all, and can find cover for whatever you may need. However unique or unusual. And for whatever level needs insured.

5. Independent relationship

Because we’re independent, we can hand select the insurers we work with. This means that we can place your cover with the best people for the job. And what’s more, because we are free to negotiate the best rates, you’ll often get exclusive deals not available anywhere else.

6. Avoid the jargon

There’s no escaping the confusing and detailed language associated with insurance. It can be easy to skim over it and hope for the best when you’re poring over lengthy policy documents if you’re not experienced. We know how to cut through the jargon, and talk to you like a real person. To tell you what your cover entails, what it doesn’t, and how to best manage your portfolio.

7. Clarity on what is & isn’t included

When you work with us, it becomes our responsibility to you, to know exactly what is and isn’t included in your cover. And what’s more, we can show you where we can go over and above to find you optional extras where necessary, to get yourself the best possible protection for everything you own.

8. Identifying single item limits

Often, conventional policies may have restrictive single item limits. And when you’re dealing with potentially very high value items, you may quickly outstrip the supply of cover with a single item claim. Because of our relationships with insurers, we can make sure you have a personalised quote with appropriate limits for whatever you need covered.

9. Claims handling

The last thing you need when something goes wrong, is to deal with the red tape and stress that an insurance claim can entail. The claims process is difficult, frustrating, and often emotional. Because it’s your personal possessions and life on the line. We know how insurers work, so by simply notifying us, we can take the reins. We’ll fight your corner, and make sure that wherever possible, your claim is paid. Without you having to lift a finger.

10. Concierge level service

No call centres. No hold music. No complicated contact forms. You get a dedicated point of contact who is there for you throughout your policy. They know and understand you and your cover, meaning you always have someone to call. Whether something’s gone wrong and you need to claim, or you just have a simple query. Your account handler will be there for you at the other end of the phone.

If you recognise any of the stresses and strains here, and have been through them. Or simply want to make sure you never have to. Speak to our dedicated Private Clients team now. We’re always happy to chat through your situation, and when the time is right we’ll undertake a confidential review of your current insurance, so show you how we can get you better protection, at a better price.

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