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A coffee with… our Associate Director Robin Kinkead

It’s time to chat with our Associate Director, Robin Kinkead. His role involves attracting new clients to the business so it’s great to hear he’s a top advocate for Romero and the work we do.

Do you enjoy working at Romero?

I have loved my 13 years at Romero. The team we have is just amazing. Like all great families, we have ups and downs but we absolutely support each other wherever we can.

What’s been your favourite thing about being here?

Working with a great team. Everyone has the same goal of providing the best cover and market-leading service. We always support our clients the best we can, and that’s something to be immensely proud of.

What have you found most challenging?

I have suffered from depression for a few years now so just getting out of bed can be a struggle but the support of the Romero family has helped lift me up when I’m down. Being open with my struggles has made all the difference. If you feel low, please do talk to someone, anyone. It helps more than you realise at the time!

If you had to sum up your role in one sentence, what would it be?

I generate new business by maintaining contact with potential clients. We want to ensure businesses have the right cover and service at the most competitive rates, so it’s important to promote the award-winning services we offer.

What has surprised you most about working here?

The fact that businesses will continue to show loyalty even if they’ve been over charged and left exposed by their existing broker.

A particular case sticks with me. We quoted for a manufacturing business who’d been happy with their broker for 20 years. After nearly a decade of contact they allowed us to conduct a confidential review. Not only did we find a policy that would save them 50% (yes, that’s right, 50%) – we also identified a number of serious gaps in cover where in the event of a fire they would have lost everything. Much to my amazement the business allowed their current broker to fix their mistakes.  Unbelievable yet true!

Where are you in 5 years’ time?

Still being the best dad I can be.

Where is Romero in 5 years’ time?

The best independent insurance broker in the UK

Where did you work previously, and what did you do?

Prior to working in the insurance industry, I have done everything from dish washing, factory work, head silver service waiter, apprentice officer in the merchant navy… and too many sales roles to remember!

Sum yourself up in 5 words

Considerate, enigmatic, contradictory, amusing and helpful.

What’s your perfect Sunday?

Realising I didn’t check the lottery and winning big!

What’s your pet hate?

I don’t have time for a poorly made drink – I don’t like a weak coffee landing on my desk!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one book, one luxury and one song, what would they be?

My book would be Naked into the Wilderness by John & Geri McPherson, and I’d be listening to Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince whilst listening to it. Is it cheating to say my luxury would be a survival kit?

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