Are keyless vans risky?

How to prevent keyless van theft

According to QBE, a vehicle is stolen every five minutes in the UK.

Keyless theft is linked to the sale of stolen steering wheels, air bags, gear sticks. 20% of car-related theft claims last year were catalytic converter thefts. Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Ford Transits are the most popular choice of van thieves – yet both of these models have gone keyless.

We were warned of the danger in 2019, yet as criminals become ever-more tech savvy, keyless vans are an increasingly popular target. Businesses and tradesmen should be proactive in their vigilance against keyless van theft by following Romero Insurance Broker’s advice.

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The dangers of keyless entry

Does keyless entry and keyless starts increase the vulnerability of vehicles? On the most part, yes.

Police say that it can take less than two minutes for a car to be stolen. Heycar noted that in 2019, a vehicle was stolen every five minutes in the UK. Most of these thefts were keyless entry and it’s a crime that’s steadily increasing.

A keyless vehicle has an entry system which allows you to get in and drive it away without having to physically take the key out of your pocket. These systems work by using short range radio waves. Replicating these radio waves by using a relay amplifier and relay transmitter will allows thieves to open doors and perhaps start the engine without resistance.

Keyless thefts have been increasing as thieves become more accustomed to the technology. Keyless car theft sounds almost unstoppable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t preventative steps you can take. Preventing keyless theft is to be risk adverse when the vehicle is parked at home or at work.

Tips to prevent keyless vehicle theft:

– Parking the car or van further away for the house or the site.

– Do not place the key/radio wave emitter in an accessible location.

– Keep the key away from windows and doors and out of reach of an possible attacker with an amplifier.

– Buy a Faraday pouch – a faraday pouch is a metallic box or pocket which blocks radio signals.

If you are really worried about the vulnerability the keyless system poses, then consider turning it off. Some vehicles offer the option to disable keyless entry and start via the infotainment system.

Longstanding tips to preventing physical vehicle theft still apply:

– A closed shackle steering wheel lock

– Wheel clamps over the foot pedals

– Posts, bollards and physical barriers

– Placing the vehicle blocked in behind a less desirable vehicle

– Place vehicle within sight of CCTV, with signage showing surveillance is in place

– Install a tracking device on your vehicle

The best way to remain covered against incidents is to have comprehensive motor vehicle and fleet insurance in place.

Motor Vehicle and Fleet Insurance

Risk management services and Fleet insurance with Romero Insurance Brokers

At Romero Insurance Brokers, its our mission to protect clients and to remind them of how best to be risk averse. Our health, safety and risk management team offer innovative solutions to protect you, your business and the people in it. The team have worked across every business sector so, whatever you do, we know what to look out for to make sure you’re not exposed. Our team of dedicated experts are the best in the business.

Here are just some reasons to work with us:

  • Access to Chartered Safety & Healthy Practitioners (CMIOSH)
  • Receive the most up to date insight, advice and responsive knowledge.
  • Confidence and reassurance for your colleagues and employees that they’re always safe at work.

Our Risk Management services include:


  • Safety Management Systems
  • Bespoke Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Claims Defence Audits
  • Accident & Incident Investigation
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Construction Design & Management
  • Motor Fleet Assessments
  • Fire or Security Audits
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • HR & Employment Law Consultancy

We have motor vehicle and fleet experts who can help with your risk management, and the best insurance solutions. There isn’t anything we’ve not seen before, and we are able to provide advice on how to improve security and ultimately move toward reducing your insurance premiums.

Our inhouse claims team are ready to handle any incidents; theft fire or crash; disputing with insurers on your behalf. Our claims audits will review your health and safety processes and documentation, identifying where you might be exposed and what we can do to help minimise risk. Our claims defence audit will also analyse the quality of accident reports and investigations, including supporting documentation, so we can fill the gaps and defend you for the future.

To talk to us about any worries with your vehicle, or to potentially get your business’s fleet insured, contact us today.

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