Coffee with… Amela Niksic, Account Director

Amela is our new Account Director at Romero Insurance Brokers.

With decades of experience, Amela is keen to progress and share with her clients the services that Romero Insurance offer.

We take some time to learn more about Amela, her background, experience and wishes for the future.

How long have you been working at Romero Insurance?

I started working for Romero Insurance in 2024, on my birthday. I’m an Account Director, having come from UK Global, who were bought out by Howden’s Insurance Brokers two years ago.

Where were you working before?

I was based in the Wakefield office for UK Global, I was there for just under four years. Prior to that I was with Town and Country Insurance Brokers, a really small insurance company, but I very much fell into insurance, having started my career in finance.

At the age of 18, in 2001, I decided to move down south and start a career with a finance company. I worked my way up with them to the Branch Manager position.

After a few years, I moved up North to be with my current partner, and fell pregnant, but during my maternity leave the recession hit and my branch shut. I was made redundant so we decided to have another child. After having my third child I decided to take a couple of years out to be a mum.

In May 2012 I was introduced to the world of insurance through a connection with an old colleague. Twelve years on, and here I am.

What has struck you about the environment at Romero Insurance?

I don’t tend to move or change jobs. If I’m in a the right environment and am being treated well, I tend to stay.

I got to a stage in my previous role where I was growing as a person; my book of clients was growing at a good pace but I was in a very small office of 7 people. There was a lot of uncertainty as to the change to the business over the next 12 – 18 months and a lot was put on hold to “wait” for this change. From management, there were promises of “When we become Howdens things will happen,” but that was 18 months away – that’s time I didn’t have.

Romero Insurance were looking for somebody to help them grow.

A big aspect of Romero Insurance which drew me was the claims department.  At my previous role I got to a decent sized book, but I was juggling so many roles; the claims handler role, the new business handler role, account handler, it felt at times I was handling everything. It got to a point where the job was becoming impossible, especially as I pride myself in the service I offer my clients.

Because of the height of motor claims, they were not getting settled quickly – I spent hours and hours a day trying to fix claims. It’s well known that Romero are the best when it comes to claims, so that sold me. I want their inhouse claims team behind me – it’s important to me because I need to know that I’m joining a company with the same ethos as my own. It’s all about Treating Customers Exceptionally.

What are your thoughts about the challenges women face within the industry?

I think there are challenges in any industry as a woman. Women have still got to choose family or a career – its only really in the last four or five years that I’ve got the career woman back. It falls on the mum; women have to have a pause. However long the career gap, things always change, so often the women have to restart from a place lower than they were before deciding to have family.

The insurance and finance industry are still majority men-led. And there are still a lot of the older generation who feel women’s main duties are “at home”.  However, I can see that changing as the older generation is retiring, and a newer generation is coming along, with dads taking six or seven months out, and mums coming back to work earlier. That’s a huge positive for women.

Females often tend to take on jobs with lesser responsibilities, or more flexible jobs. Sometimes females are not there to grow a career, but to bring in an income. This is set to change and Romero Insurance are setting a great example.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

Wherever you are, your role as an Account Director is similar. Yet, what excites me is seeing how my clients will benefit from the extras Romero Insurance offer. I’m excited to see the benefits the back office brings to my clients.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

My life outside of work is all about family. My culture is all about family and good food!  I’m originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I came to the UK at the age of 10 as a refugee, following the war in Bosnia, with my Mum, Dad and little sister. I now have a family of my own, a very supportive husband and three beautiful children. My eldest has just graduated from University and is looking at a Masters degree in finance and accounting. My son has been offered an U16 contract to play for Huddersfield Town next season and my youngest is working towards her GCSEs in high school.

Our life recently tends to revolve a lot around football – we are a big football family.  We also try to go home, back to Bosnia, at least twice a year – where we have a great big get together. I have family all over the world; America, Australia, Europe; so we use the time we are together to celebrate different milestones. The ultimate dream, retire back home in Bosnia with my husband. He’s more optimistic than me, I say in 10-15 years but he seems to think 5-10 is the goal!

Thank you to Amela for your time, we know you’ll settle in quickly

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