COVID spot checks and inspections ongoing

Spot Checks Still In Action

Despite restrictions being relaxed and the majority of the economy opening up as normal, the HSE are continuing to undertake spot checks and inspections to ensure businesses are operative safely.
As we continue to live with COVID-19, a robust risk management and health and safety plan should take the risks of COVID-19 into consideration, and it’s important you have measures in place to protect your staff and members of the public.
These spot checks are designed to ensure you continue operating a safe workplace, so make sure you have taken COVID-19 into consideration in your Health & Safety planning.

Work places must carry out a COVID risk assessment and keep it regularly updated.

If you are a client and wish to receive assistance with COVID measures and undertaking a COVID risk assessment, please contact us on 0113 281 8110. All Romero clients receive tailored information related to their sector, with businesses receiving a level of care from a broker that is second to none. We understand the difficulties behind maintaining standards in an ever-changing COVID environment, and ensure our clients that we will update them on any changes which will put them or their business at risk.

Why have Spot Checks?

The spot checks are designed to help stop variants of COVID-19 spreading. The HSE will target areas where transmission rates are rising, but will also randomly spot check around England, Scotland and Wales.

Officers from the HSE or affiliate partners will be carrying identification and a letter of authorisation from the HSE. The visit usually succeeds a call from the organisation. They will check proportionate steps should have been undertaken, however if the COVID measure are not up to standard, they will issue guidance or, in some cases, take action. This may include forced closure, enforcement notices or prosecution where a business fails to comply.

For more information, see the HSE information