FCA High Court Verdict – Statement

As you may be aware, the High Court has now provided its judgement in the recent FCA test case relating to business interruption claims arising from COVID-19.

We know that you will be keen to be updated on the outcome of the case. We have plans in place to ensure that the relevant information is digested and disseminated as soon as possible to all our clients. However, we should advise that the judgement itself is a lengthy and complex document and it will therefore take some time to process the correct interpretation. As part of this process we have sought legal advice from solicitors to help thoroughly understand the implications of the judgement. This will ensure that our clients receive the best and most comprehensive analysis available.

Needless to say we have already begun a lot of the background work in preparing for today. However, we are mindful that it is crucial to get this process right.

Today’s result is not likely to change the current outcome for many policies, but we will be reviewing the verdict closely and if your policy is affected, we will be in touch directly in due course.