Fleet Insurance Whitepaper

Do you know what Fleet Insurance is and why you need it?

If you are a business owner with multiple vehicles, you should consider Fleet Insurance. It is an efficient way to manage vehicle insurance – particularly if you arrange Fleet Insurance through a broker as they will act as a middle man between you and your insurer. This could not only save you money, it’ll save you time and stress trying to manage your own cover.

Find out the benefits of Fleet Insurance by downloading our whitepaper. You’ll also discover expert advice on the most common Fleet Insurance claims issues and how to avoid them. Plus, we’ve even included the recent changes affecting the market and what you need to be aware of.

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Matt Jaques, Romero Group Broker, co-authors this whitepaper

He lays out the necessity of fleet insurance as well as the issues this insurance is designed to tackle.

Matt says, “Fleet insurance can be complicated. Using Romero Insurance Brokers simplifies the whole process so that you can focus on managing your business.”

At Romero Insurance Brokers we treat customers exceptionally; this includes your property, assets, employees, as well as your vehicles. We believe in protecting your tomorrow, today.

Contact us now and let us take the wheel.

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Download our Fleet Insurance whitepaper

Our whitepaper discusses:

  • What Fleet Insurance is
  • Why Fleet Insurance is necessary
  • What businesses need to know
  • The most common fleet insurance issues
  • What changes are affecting the fleet insurance market


Download our Fleet Insurance whitepaper here.

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