High Net Worth individuals are increased targets of crime

What are the reasons for the increased threat?


  • Increase in cost of living
  • Shortages on products with expensive components
  • Second hand market prices have increased
  • Social media has provided access to targets
  • Lack of police funding
  • Unsecure home conversions and installations
  • Increase in second homes

The increased threat is real – 52% of an insurer’s high net worth clients were victims of a crime within the past year. When we investigate the reasons why, we find a varied list of contributing factors.

The cost of living is have an effect on all households, none more so than those who are struggling to balance their finances. When money is running low, more individuals will resort to illegal means in the hope of making some quick cash. There is a shortage on products due to the difficulty in mining and shipping expensive materials used to make them. This has had a knock on effect, causing an increase on those who want electrical devices.

This also means second hand market prices for electrical devices have increased. More money is to be made from burglary, targeting wealthy individuals, and re-selling the items.

Social media has allowed thieves to find, monitor and track their targets. Offering unprecedented access, social media enables anonymous advice and knowledge. Google searches have shown a spike in burglary related terms.

Lack of police funding has resulted in a slower investigation of burglaries and lowered presence in the local area. Home Office stats show out of 240,000 burglaries, 190,000 were closed without a suspect.

The move to home offices and working from home have changed may high net worth individual’s lifestyles. Investment in additional structures, outdoor workspaces in the garden, have increased security concerns. Some of a properties most expensive objects such as laptops and screens are now located in an under-secured outbuilding.

There has been an uptick in purchases of second homes. Unoccupied properties such as second homes are regular targets for thieves. As holiday homes, they often contain bicycles, gaming equipment and technology, to which the thief can case out unchecked.

With this information in mind, it may not be surprising to know that 1 in 2 high net worth clients were victims of a crime in the last 12 months. The survey of high net worth individuals in the UK discovered those with higher incomes, aged 35-54, and residents of London are most likely to experience a crime.

How are High Net Worth clients managing the increased risk?

The good news is that wealthy individuals are being proactive about crime prevention. 7 in 10 have introduced measures to protect their homes. Of these measures, the most popular were:

  1. CCTV
  2. Security Lighting and Central Station Alarm Systems
  3. Improved Locks and Smart Doorbells
  4. Safe rooms


However, despite investment in security, only a third of high net worth individuals who experienced a crime consulted an expert to do a security review of their property.

This makes us inclined to re-state…

Why High Net Worth Individuals need a broker!


  • Inspections and Advice
  • Crime and security risk guidance
  • Negotiations with insurers for the most appropriate policy
  • In house claims team
  • That personal service


At Romero Insurance Brokers, we offer advice to our clients on how best they can improve their physical defences. We offer visitations to discuss with you your options and the risks your facing. We will pass on the relevant risk requirements that insurers will look for, depending on the details of your property. If your property requires a surveyor, we will arrange this as well as attend the visitation.

Our crime and security risk guidance includes an up to date risk assessment. Brokers and insurers regularly update and improve their guides to match the evolving threat. We use intimate knowledge of past claims to understand emerging threats and help provide you a clear picture of what risks you could be facing.

As the UK’s top independent broker, Romero Insurance Brokers only works with A-rated insurers, able to get clients the best possible premiums and cover. And our in-house claims team are able to respond to you needs quickly and succinctly.

“Here in Private Clients, we have seen a huge increase in theft and attempted theft claims recently due to numerous factors.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients through regular contact, which helps us assess potential security needs and raise awareness of current criminal trends.”

“Prevention really is cheaper than the cure! So ensuring adequate security is in force acts as a great deterrent, reduces the risk of a potential claim and helps keep premiums stable.”

– Lyndsey Warrior, Private Clients Department Manager

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