How to Perform a Business Health Check

Why New Year is the Best Time for a Business Health Check

With the new year upon us, many people are making resolutions, joining gyms, adjusting their diet and reducing their alcohol consumption. New Year is a great time to take stock and look at positive changes you can make for the future.

But it’s not just our personal lives we should look at with a fresh pair of eyes.

When you’re focussed on running your business, the day-to-day priorities on delivering success and growth will understandably be at the forefront of your mind. What this can mean however, is that your behind the scenes processes, policies and procedures could fall out of date without you realising.

Staying Up to Date

The commercial landscape is continually evolving, and updated legislation, market changes, evolving threats and changing business practices could leave you exposed, non-compliant, in breach of an insurance policy condition, or in a worst-case scenario, could mean you’re breaking the law.

These changes can leave you open to a wide range of exposures, including challenges from employees, inspectorates (such as the HSE), declined insurance claims and even prosecution.

The good news is, it’s relatively easy to review your practices to ensure you and your business is up to date.

You’re busy enough focussing on running a successful business, without spending additional time reviewing employment law, Health & Safety requirements and insurance policies for every possible change that might occur.

That’s why we have continued to develop a growing team of experts in all these areas, to ensure that you can get access to the latest insight and advice without having to invest time and energy yourself.

What are business health checks?

To help you go into the new year safely and successfully, we have pulled together a series of Business Health Checks that will help you review your practices, identify gaps, and get the support you need to fill them.

Business health checks will cover topics including:

  • Human Resources & Employment Law
  • IT Security, Resilience & Cyber Protection
  • Health & Safety and Risk Management Procedures & Legislation
  • Underinsurance & Gaps In Cover

How will business health checks help?

These health checks will take minimal time and effort for you or your team to complete, but will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the resilience of the various topics covered.

You will receive a ‘traffic light’ report, highlighting what you’re doing well, where you could make adjustments, as well as areas which require immediate attention. Of course, you may not need to make any changes at all, but best practice dictates that you should continually review your operations.

And even if you are legally compliant across all areas of your business, there may be incremental gains you can make to increase productivity, improve workplace culture and make savings in both time and money.

Once we have prepared your report and you have received your rating, our team will provide an overview of the changes that you should make and offer advice on how to go about making these changes.

What if I need further support?

Our team will be on hand to offer any additional advice you need! For any work that needs undertaken to bring your business up to scratch, our partners at Sentient and We Are Wellbeing can provide discounted rates in supporting you as a client of Romero Insurance Brokers.

Contact us about receiving support

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