Man writing on paperwork dealing with an insurance claim

Why you shouldn’t manage your own insurance claim

Something unexpected has happened and you need to make an insurance claim. The process can be unexpectedly complex, with insurers potentially querying your claim and trying to negotiate a settlement with you.

It may seem like managing your own claim will help you keep on top of things, and ultimately give you control over the situation. But an experienced broker will keep you informed throughout the process, so you’ll be in the driving seat either way.

So what are the main reasons you shouldn’t manage your own claim?

We’ll keep it simple:
1. It’s our job
2. It’s not yours

Any claims process can be stressful. If something goes wrong, maybe an accident or an unexpected disaster, you’ll need to make a claim against your insurance. For your claim to be accepted, you’ll need to prove you have met the policy’s terms and conditions. In some cases, your insurer may argue your claim or try to negotiate the settlement.

It’s understandable that you might not know the information an insurer needs, such as what constitutes as proof of your financial loss or how you can adequately demonstrate due diligence / risk management. You may not know what to do if an insurer decides to appoint a loss adjuster, or how long you should wait before expecting a response to your claim.

And what happens if your claim is rejected? You may not have the expertise or influence to effectively argue the outcome with your insurer. Often complaining about the outcome of a claim involves picking through your policy with a fine toothcomb, and proving you took all reasonable care to answer their questions fairly and honestly throughout the whole process.

Fortunately, claims experts are available to help manage the claims process. These specialists deal with claims day in, day out. This gives you the opportunity to save time and save stress dealing with a potentially lengthy claims process yourself.

We’ve said this before, but you wouldn’t fix a computer yourself or attempt minor surgery without training and qualifications. Therefore, it makes sense to allow insurance experts to help you manage your claim.

What is claims management?

Claims management is an advice service, where a third-party acts as the middle man between an insurer and the claimant.

A claims expert will work on your behalf to:
• Notify your insurer
• Check your cover and make sure your claim is valid
• Gather all information and documentation they need to pursue the claim
• Liaise with the insurer throughout the claims process and ensure all procedures are followed
• Negotiate a settlement with your insurer

As insurance experts know the industry inside out, and often have good relationships with insurers, it’s a good idea to consider asking for professional help.

However, engaging a claims advisor or working with an independent claims management company can be costly. And there’s no guarantee you’ll leave with a better outcome than if you dealt with the claim yourself.

With Romero, you receive peace of mind at every step of the insurance process. We’ll not only help you find the best cover, we’ll help you should you need to make a claim too.

Can an insurance broker help with my claim?

Insurance brokers are always on your side. And that remains true when it comes to helping you make a claim. Brokers will make sure you’re giving the right answers, and will argue your claim to ensure you get a fair payout.

Our award-winning claims team are always on hand to help. Our clients should always contact our claims team as a first port of call, rather than calling an insurer’s direct claims helpline (even if it is listed on your policy document or online).

Romero’s claims team is invaluable to our clients – just take a look at our case studies to find out why! We take the stress away from making a claim, hopefully ensuring you get the settlement you deserve as quickly as possible.

As larger insurance brokers grow in size, the customer inevitably becomes a smaller cog in an unwieldy machine. This means that some brokers choose not to offer access to specialist claims handlers. That’s not our style. Here at Romero our customers mean everything to us, and we want to make sure the whole process is as stress-free as possible. Whether you’ve never made a claim before, or you regularly need to make a claim, we’re here to work with you to get the best settlement every time. And, furthermore, our claims handling service won’t cost you a penny more.

Do you want to find out more? Get in touch with our award-winning team.