UK Riots

Following the rioting across the UK we’d just like to reassure you that the claims team at Romero Insurance Brokers are ready to manage any claims arising and we’re working closely with Insurers and loss adjusters to support our Client’s.

We’d just like to remind you of what’s needed. With this type of claim there are specific time lines to meet for insurers to be reimbursed by the local police authority.

The local police authority has a legal responsibility to reimburse anyone sustaining damage to property as the result of a riot under the Riot Damages Act 1886. Any claim under the Act must ‘’be made in writing and received by the local police authority within 14 days of the alleged incident”.

Insurers typically include within their Claims Notification Clause to the policy a requirement for any claim for riot and/or civil commotion to be notified to Insurers immediately with full supporting documentation. This needs to be received within seven days of the incident occurring specifically to prevent a recovery action being turned down by the police authority on basis that the action is time barred. Insurers are entitled to recover their outlays under the principle of subrogation.

Anyone claiming needs to be aware that they must notify their Broker/Insurers immediately of any damage but equally important is that they must be able to quantify and substantiate their losses with potentially both a schedule of loss and statement of truth within a week of the incident occurring.

The Act excludes liability for loss or damage to cars left on public highways, goods left in shops for repair and/or consequential losses. Also all claims will be assessed in accordance with common law, which may not correlate directly to the basis of settlement provided for by the insurance contract.

For immediate assistance, please speak to your usual point of contact or the claims team on 0113 281 8110.

Important Update for Motor & Fleet Policy Holders