Meet Adam Milner, Halifax’s Graduate Success

Adam Milner, Romero Insurance Brokers' Certified Broker

Romero Insurance Brokers’ Broker, Adam Milner, takes us through his responsibilities while working out of the Halifax branch.

Adam started his insurance journey with Romero Insurance Brokers. As one of the first members of our graduate program, Adam has experienced all areas of the business, from Claims to New Business to Sports and Leisure. He now has his own book of clients and is building relationships with our highest premium clients. 

We are very lucky to have Adam working within the Romero Group, a shining example of the excellent learning opportunities available to us.

What is your role at Romero Insurance Brokers?

“I’m Adam, a Broker for Romero Insurance Group. My responsibilities include looking after the clients for the Execs and making sure we are communicating correctly with insurers. I work with all departments in the business, and I often find myself helping out colleagues with tasks involving the needs of our clients.”

How long have you been working at Romero?

“Four years ago, as of October 1st, I started working as a graduate in Halifax after a couple of months training out of the Leeds branch. I think I was their second ever graduate on the new program. I worked in Claims first, then in New Business, then I started at Halifax. Chucked me in the deep end a little bit – by that I mean it wasn’t like now where they break the Grads in softly; for me they gave me a book of clients to get along with straight away.

It helped to shadow people, then jumping straight in. Just at the beginning of the pandemic I started doing Manchester clients, sports and leisure, but now I’m working on bigger cases with Gordon Brain (Account Director) and other Execs across the group and building my book up quickly.

All my clients are different at Romero and I enjoy a broad range. I enjoyed sports and leisure – the department has their own branch – however it’s a different sort of workstyle, the field is brutal, but it gave me experience and a wider perspective on insurance. I appreciate to now be working with larger clients, Large Commercial is where I prefer to be working; I’m building a long lasting relationship, and it’s all going well.

I’m lucky. It’s nice having done all these different bits, I’m learning lots and I know everyone from all the different businesses, and I’ve got cases with most of the Execs as well, so it’s pretty good.”

Where were you employed before?

“Once I’d graduated from Northumbria University I worked at a recruitment job in Leeds – the aim was to get to America, that was my plan at the point. But it turns out recruitment is a horrible industry to work in so that didn’t last long.

I also did a ski season, went to Val Thorens in France, it’s a party resort with the best skiing so it was an amazing experience. I worked for TUI as a holiday rep for six months, trying to get into ski coaching. I was one of the only reps that spoke French, so I had to speak to the drivers.”

What is the environment like at Romero?

It’s good, you’ve got to ask questions. Make sure you are not sitting there quite otherwise you’ll end up falling behind with work and not learning. With Romero Insurance Brokers, there’s always people to ask concerning problems you’ve got. We’ve got loads of experienced people, Stuart Oliver here (in Halifax) and Stuart Stead in Leeds; if you’ve got any issues they’ll help you out. Taking notes is an important thing, it’s helps to refer back to them.

In terms of the environment, it’s pretty good, it’s collaborative – we pitch in with each other’s emails. It’s pretty busy at the moment so we are recruiting more people now, so we’ll see. And Jo is brilliant (Joanna Pullan, Director), and since she’s been in charge of the branches it’s been great. Her policy is as long as the work is getting done she’s happy, happy to let people work at home if they need to. She’s happy if you’re happy.

I prefer working in the office. Working at home there’s no difference between home and work. It’s good to be in the office, be in the routine, have a chat with people; especially good if you’ve got a lot of complicated stuff to go through, in an office you can bounce stuff off of people and not let it get on top of you.

How important is a healthy social workplace environment? What’s the environment like at the branch?

Occasionally the branch goes out together for lunch time. We are going to a CII quiz, but we haven’t had chance to have too many outing like they do in Leeds. We’ve got a few people who split their time between the offices, and between the office and home. It’s much more chilled out at Halifax.

I went to the York races with the Romero team recently; we saw Mcfly play live and I won some on the horses.

What would you say to someone who’s just started out or has never been in the Romero offices?

Ask a question if you don’t know the answers. There are no stupid answers when it comes to insurance.

At Romero Insurance Brokers, there’s always someone who’s dealt with a similar case or issue. It’s all experience, and you’re colleagues here will always be there to offer advice.

If you were a biscuit, which biscuit would you be and why?

Chocolate Digestive. Sweet and simple.

What is your perfect Sunday?

Back in the first year of University, Connor McGregor was becoming more popular. He kept winning and became the biggest star ever. He’s the reason me and my mates started watching UFC. So it’s become a thing now where we watch the UFC, they’ll all come round start of a Sunday and watch it. If it’s a perfect Sunday we’ll have a barbeque in the good weather. Some drinks during the day then chill out with my girlfriend in front of the TV and a takeaway at night.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve owned?

Electric Guitar, I don’t play it anymore – I’ve not for a long time. When I get my own house it’ll be out on a stand though.

An album or artist you know too much about?

Oasis, and the album with Little by Little on it. Heathen Chemistry. That’s my favourite song.

Do you prefer to be busy or do you prefer an empty planner?

A bit of both. I don’t like being overly busy but at the same time, if you’ve got nothing on it can get tedious.

Are you a member of any clubs?

Howden Clough football club, West Yorkshire league. Training tonight. I skipped most of preseason this year so I am very unfit.

Are there any areas of self-growth you are working on at the moment?

I’m getting my ACII, not too far away now, just got one more full module to do and 4 IF1 exams. It’ll be great eventually to tick that off and finish the graduate program.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m happy being a broker for now. One possibility is moving into being an Account Executive, which would be a good step. I keep talking to the new Account Executives, like Rob Green, and asking him how it’s going. But for now I like my role as a broker and gaining experience with large clients.

Do you cook?

Not really, no. I can if I need to, but as and when.

Are there any Romero-organised social events you are looking forward to?

We’ve got a Bongo Bingo social next week. I’ve been before and I can’t wait!

How has working at Romero changed your impression of work in general?

This is my first real long-term job. It’s a lot better than where-else I’ve worked. You very much manage your own time, with your own book of clients. Insurance seems to be more of: ‘You can be out the door by five as long as your work’s done’ kind-of vibe. There needs to be balance.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one book, one luxury and one song, what would they be?

One luxury = A lighter or a pillow.

One book = You can get Lord Of The Rings as one book. The collective works of Tolkien would be a pretty good one.

One song = Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s about five songs in one.

Thank you Adam for describing your experiences and giving us a little insight into your time with us.
We are all the better for having you, we are excited to see how you can grow and help the development of the business.

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