My First 100 Days at Romero: Laura Glover

Starting a new job at any company is stressful, but at The Romero Group we try and make it as smooth a transition as possible. We take pride in the friendly and sociable atmosphere within the office. We believe this has a positive impact on productivity; a happy worker is a healthy worker.


Our company maxim is to Treat Our Customers Exceptionally, and this promise also applies to our employees. We put a lot of effort into our employee wellbeing, social events and learning opportunities.


But do our beliefs ring true? Are they recognised by those who have just started out at the company? We asked apprentice finance assistant, Laura Glover, about her first 100 days at The Romero Group.

“On the first day I definitely felt very welcome”

“Everyone was very nice and helpful and answered my many questions. I had an introduction to insurance seminar as well as a lot of induction meetings which were very interesting and helpful. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and I feel I now understand a little bit more about insurance despite me not being involved in the insurance side of the business.

“The group’s focus on wellbeing is really good. To be honest I’ve not watched the seminars yet but they are coming up and I’ve heard good things. They talk about a wide range of topics. Also the fact that we are provided COVID tests every week is amazing.

“I’m surprised with the amount I’ve learned in such a short space of time”

“The standout thing for me in my role is that I’ve learnt how to use TAM (the broker management system). Its still quite confusing but it’s getting easier. We are moving to a new software, Epic, which I’ve learnt a lot about too. I especially understand the process of claiming expenses as well as how they are dealt with by the financial team. I’m surprised with the amount I’ve learned in such a short space of time to be honest, I think its because the team are so great and helpful. I’m also surprised by how well everyone in the office gets along. Anyone will chat to you in the hallways even if they don’t know you very well. The environment is so positive no matter how busy the company is behind the scenes.

“I did attended a department Christmas party, which included a quiz and Secret Santa! There’s a few bake-offs coming up so I need to get myself some new oven gloves! I keep getting told we need a celebration since I passed my first AAT exam in accounting and finance. I’m very happy with the many things I’ve already learnt, like commissions, journals, and filing documents, but I know I’ve still got more to do coming up.”

“I’m now finding it easier to speak openly with everyone”

“Its also been quite challenging though. Getting to grips with TAM and now Epic has been tricky but I’m pretty confident with it all now. I’m happy because the team are so friendly that I feel confident enough to ask questions whenever I’m stuck. I keep looking over the specific things I find most difficult and I’m getting better and faster. Communicating with a lot of new people used to be difficult for me, but I’m now finding it easier to speak openly with everyone.”

“Its been a good 100 days, its flown by! In the next 100 days I’m looking forward to hopefully passing more of my AAT exams as well as spending more time with my colleagues. Because of lockdown its been difficult but I’m hoping to take part in more events at work and also outside of work.”

Well done Laura on completing your first 100 days with the Romero Group, you’re a credit to yourself and you’ve done brilliantly, keep it up!

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