Our growing reputation in Halifax

Any good business knows that the best growth comes from giving back. Whether that’s through recruiting local talent or supporting local projects, businesses that succeed are the ones that grow roots.

And that’s exactly what our Halifax office is doing. Since moving into Dean Clough mill, our Halifax team has gone from strength to strength. We’ve grown considerably, both in the number of staff and in the services we deliver.

In fact, we’ve seen such impressive growth in just five years, that we’ve outgrown our first Halifax office and have had to move into a bigger space (still in Dean Clough).

Don’t be surprised if that new office reaches maximum capacity in the near future either, as we’re constantly on the lookout for Halifax and Calderdale’s top insurance talent.

We’re not judging our growth on the size of our business alone, but also in the strength of our positive impact in the community.

We’re keen to make sure that, as with all our offices, the Halifax office can succeed because the area of Halifax is succeeding too.

That’s why we’re happy to support a number of local projects that bring happiness and wellbeing to residents of the town.

The first of these is ‘Light Up A Life’, a number of special services organised by the Overgate Hospice. Those will run through December and we’re delighted to back such a great cause. If you want to know more about Light Up A Life, you can read about it here.

That’s not the only Halifax cause we’re sponsoring in December though.

We’re also putting our backing behind the Mencap ball.

Followed, in January, by another Overgate Hospice event – the Sportsman’s Dinner.

These are exciting times for Romero in Halifax, and for the town as a whole. We look forward to helping Halifax grow and prosper.

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