Romero Wins at the Insurance CX Awards

The CX Awards 2023

We attended the 2023 Insurance CX Awards, which were held in Proud Embankment.

Modern Insurance Magazine host the awards, noting that: “Outstanding customer service doesn’t come by chance and we want to celebrate and recognise the huge strides and leaps our amazing industry has made to embrace customer service. We [wish to] celebrate your commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences.”

The celebrity host this year was Andy Parsons, the multi-award winning comedian who was on brilliant form. Romero had been nominated for the Best Broker Award and the CX Partnership award, looking to add to our extensive list of recognised awards.

Winners of the CX Partnership Award

This award recognises the partnership Romero has with the wellbeing provider, We Are Wellbeing. The Romero Group delivers outstanding health and wellbeing support, helping the Romero team members be their best selves. The partnership aims to support our teams as individuals, offering tailored approaches to wellbeing unique to their needs creating an environment where our team can thrive.

We founded a partnership with workplace wellbeing provider, We Are Wellbeing, in order to ensure we could deliver the best wellbeing initiatives for our team. By working with this provider to develop a tailored wellbeing strategy for our business, we were able to recognise the unique needs of our industry and our business, and design a package of benefits and support that reflected our unique needs.

This package became a suite of support including wellbeing, health, training, financial and social support, with an average individual benefit value of over £5,000 per person, per year.

We bundled the various ways in which we could support our teams, and launched a ‘Total Support’ scheme, creating a one-stop-shop that allowed individuals to access services on-demand from We Are Wellbeing.

Six months after partnering with We Are Wellbeing and launching the Total Support scheme, we undertook a comprehensive staff survey to explore how the scheme had performed and the results demonstrated:

  • 98.5% of staff felt able to be their authentic self at work
  • 82% of staff felt they understood their colleagues better
  • 94% of staff felt supported by the business
  • 89% of staff were Happy or Very Happy at work

In turn, we then looked at how our customer experience had evolved since this introduction, and we found that across our business and in all business sectors and customer touchpoints, our customer experience had improved significantly. We found:

  • Customer Retention increased from 91% to 98%
  • Number of Positive Testimonials Gained increased by 120%
  • New Client Referrals from Existing Clients increased by 82%
  • Annual client satisfaction survey saw positive reviews increase by 48%

Michael Craggs, Romero's HR & Business Support Director, attended the event:

“It was an honour to represent The Romero Group at the awards final. Looking after the wellbeing of staff members to help enable them to reach their full potential has never been more important in the modern world we live in and the challenges we all face. We believe that by empowering our people to be the best versions of themselves there is a clear connection to this impacting positive customer interactions and high performing working across our organisation.  

“The relationship we have with We Are Wellbeing has truly enabled us to help not only unleash our employee’s full potential but in addition has helped improve the wellbeing and engagement levels across the group.

“Well done to all my great colleagues at Romero’s and thank you to Proud Embankment and Modern Insurance Magazine for the award and a fantastic night.” 

The Romero Group thanks Modern Insurance Magazine for shortlisting, nominating, and ultimately awarding us with this prestigious title. It's excellent to be recognised for our hardwork and dedication to our staff. Well done to all the other winners at the event.

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