Romero’s Wellbeing Voucher Scheme launched

The Romero Insurance Group has built an in-house wellbeing suite. We have also given a complimentary grant of £500 to every employee in the Romero Group. This equates to more than £110,000 to be spent on wellbeing services. Plus, the £500 will renew annually, to be spent on an employee’s own wellbeing.

This voucher scheme is an expansion of Romero’s investment in employee wellbeing, deepens our wellbeing partnership, and provides staff with easy access to a range of on-site services. It goes above and beyond what is standard from competitors in our sector.

The wellbeing scheme is additional to the already established core wellbeing offering already in place across the Romero Group. The scheme adds new services which includes holistic and sports massage, physiotherapy, as well as Wellman and Wellwoman tests and therapy.



The Core Wellbeing Initiative at Romero

Wellbeing has been at the heart of The Romero Group’s mission since the beginning. However we partnered with We Are Wellbeing, our specialist corporate wellbeing partner, in early 2020. Together we explore innovative ways to deliver a comprehensive workplace wellbeing programme.

79% of our staff regularly take part in our wellbeing initiatives, demonstrating the importance and value of the programme. They have access to seminars and training sessions, fitness classes, mindfulness sessions and regular lunchtime walks – with our Wellbeing Champions on-hand to help our team achieve their goals too.

Few other employers in any sector have the breadth and scope of wellbeing practices available to them to the degree that Romero employees do. Indeed, the business’s senior leadership is committed to continually evolving and expanding wellbeing’s reach within the business.

Company Director and wellbeing lead, Victoria Romero-Trigo commented:

“It’s always been important to me personally to look after our team’s health & wellbeing. It’s something I take seriously for myself, and I wanted to share that passion with all our teams. We work in a fast paced environment, and insurance doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to staff wellbeing. I wanted to change that, and ensure every member of our team felt supported, happy and healthy at work. That’s why I pioneered our relationship with We Are Wellbeing, and am committed to its continued expansion. Just seeing the differences in our team’s day-to-day lives is so rewarding and makes the time and investment so worth it.”

The Wellbeing Voucher Scheme

A launch day for the wellbeing voucher scheme was held on Saturday 28th May. The whole company came together to celebrate wellbeing initiatives in tandem with the Queen’s Jubilee. Food, drinks and games were arranged, as well as opportunities to showcase some of the new treatments available.

The launch announced that each employee would receive a £500 voucher toward in-house treatments – these treatments will all be made available during working hours, so the Romero Group team are able to access them at convenient times making it easier for them to integrate wellbeing into their everyday lives.

Blood tests, nutrition consultations, health checks, Vitamin B12 boosters and counselling, are all now available free of charge for all employees. Services such as holistic and sports massage, physiotherapy, Wellman & Wellwoman tests now have a home in the new in-house clinic located at our Lloyd Pinder House offices.

This, paired with an annual programme of events, seminars and webinars, designed to reflect the unique needs of each member of the team mean Romero Group is striving to make wellbeing an integrated part of the working day.

Group CEO, Justin Romero-Trigo commented:

“Our people are our business. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business. I’ve long believed in creating a work environment that people feel happy to be in, and it’s important to me that we continue to evolve alongside what’s important to our team. It’s not enough to just invest in professional development, we need to support our team both professionally and personally, allowing us to attract and retain the best talent by making sure every member of the Romero Group is happy and healthy at work.”

Justin Romero-Trigo

We Are Wellbeing

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