The Importance of Social Connections, with Kevin Sinfield

The Humble Hero, Kevin Sinfield visits Romero Insurance Brokers

Kevin Sinfield OBE visited our offices in Leeds prior to his race at the Rob Burrow Marathon. Partner since March 2021, Romero has supported Kevin at every one of his fundraising challenges. A walking inspiration, he now faces new challenges in his role as England Rugby Defence Coach.

Kevin Sinfield sat down to talk to us about Leadership, Friendship, and the importance of social connections.


Proud to Support Kevin Sinfield

An ambassador of The Romero Group, friend and partner; Romero has supported Kevin throughout his trilogy of fundraising achievements and in his roles as Leeds Rhinos Director and Leicester Tigers coaching staff. Following a hyper successful season winning the Gallagher Premiership and completing his Ultra 7 in 7, Kevin is now the England Rugby Defence Coach.

Since our last conversation, Kevin has received an OBE, and fundraised an amazing £8 million for charities including the MND association. He has encouraged many people and businesses, to pursue fundraising efforts, inspiring the Romero Group for the Coast2Coast in 2021 and the Pinder 200 for 2023.

We went into the conversation with Kevin aiming to highlight his driven mindset, always pushing onwards, and learning where he finds his strength. Previously Kevin has spoken to us about loyalty, determination, and resilience. However this time, as we recap Kevin’s successful year, he comments on the importance of social connections.

Indeed, Kevin has needed to confront challenges this year, mainly due to the intense lifestyle that comes with his new job as England Defence Coach, as well as the challenges he places upon himself, running 40 miles every day for a week. We talk about the mindset, belief and growth required to achieve phenomenal success during our conversation. Not one for personal accolades, Kevin is a firm believer that it’s his relationships and partnerships, as well as the development of winning habits, that have gifted him winning ways.

Kevin has become a community hero, particularly for Yorkshire and Leeds. This was symbolised during the emotional scenes that took place at the Rob Burrow Marathon. Many of the Romero Group and Club Insure team ran or spectated at the marathon; we’ve asked them about the experience. In the interview, Kevin discusses the formation of the Rob Burrow Marathon, it now having been announced a continuation for 2024 by Run For All.

Themes touched on in the video include leadership, kindness, the gift of giving, and friendship. As he says, “Connection and interactions – Don’t forget how important they are. I would suggest that for 99% of the population their best moments are with other people. That’s why friends and family are so important.” Kevin lists those who he is thankful for; including Rob and Lindsey Burrow, his friends and family, Justin, Simon and the team at the ‘Romeros’, as well as Leeds Rhinos who continue to support him.

We firmly believe that these themes translate across all disciplines, from sport to business to family life to charity work. Kevin talks to us from the heart, detailing emotional experiences from both his career and marathon running. It’s a conversation anyone and everyone can take inspiration from, and at Romero Insurance Brokers we will continue to support our hero.

Thank you to Kevin Sinfield for his time and his honest words. We can only imagine what impossible hurdle you will have vaulted the next time we speak.

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