The results of our wellbeing report are in…

Since partnering with hero Wellbeing, we’ve seen a huge increase in the wellness activities taking place here at Romero. We’ve welcomed several hero team members to our offices to give seminars and workshops on a wide range of key topics. These have included nutritional advice and physical exercise recommendations.  Our team also have access to the hero app, which contains online advice and discounts across a range of health and fitness brands.

In addition, we offer Pilates and mindfulness classes each week. And we regularly host lunchtime walks to encourage our team to get out and about during their break. Mental health is also a key priority for us here at Romero. Each staff member has access to free counselling sessions. Plus, our wellbeing champions are always on-hand to offer advice and a listening ear. Our management team have received mental health training so they are in the best possible position to support their staff.

We monitor our wellbeing efforts annually to make sure our team have an opportunity to feedback what they like about working for Romero. They also let us know what additional support they need.

Our wellbeing report discovered some great results!

This year’s wellbeing report showed that our wellbeing programme has made a great difference to our team. 79% of staff take part in our wellbeing initiatives, a 9% increase in participation when compared to last year.

Employees rated our health and wellbeing focus 7.79 out of 10, a 4.2% increase when compared to last year. There was also a 6.4% increase in general happiness, with employees rating their happiness 7.3 out of 10.

Wellbeing isn’t just about mental health and happiness, however. It’s also about physical wellbeing. In the last year, we’ve seen a 10.49% increase in physical activity, with our staff reporting they’re active nearly four days out of seven. We also saw an increase in nutrition (6%) and sleep (5%), a 16% decrease in smokers and a 7% increase in those who don’t drink alcohol. These stats show our staff are dedicated to improving their lifestyles, and they know we’re on-hand to support them!

Though our wellbeing support has vastly improved, our survey results show the key wellbeing focusses haven’t changed dramatically in the last few years. Employees still want to focus on mental health and physical health, as well as teamwork, nutrition and sleep. 54% of employees are satisfied with their current mental wellbeing. So, looking forward, we’ll focus on providing further advice and expert seminars on this topic, as well as practical support and guidance.

The benefits of encouraging workplace wellbeing are vast. It improve staff retention and productivity (which is great for business). It also fosters a positive workplace culture which makes our place a great place to work. 78% of employees say they’d recommend working with us!

Our employees gave great feedback

“I think Romero has an amazing approach to mental health and wellbeing. What they do is amazing.”

“It’s nice to see a company making an effort to try and provide this for their staff.”

“I think Romero’s focus on wellbeing is really good and very unusual in the industry.”

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