The Rhino at Romero

Romero Insurance Brokers are delighted to announce a partnership with Leeds Rhinos and their Director of Rugby, Kevin Sinfield. As great admirers of both Kevin’s playing career and his continued charity work, we hope to cement our relationship with him and the local community in Leeds.

Kevin is one of the most successful and high-profile figures in professional sport, and we could not be happier to partner with him. To celebrate our partnership, we explore the parallel values driving the success of both Kevin Sinfield and Romero Insurance Brokers.


Friends to Partners

Our CEO, Justin Romero-Trigo crossed paths with Kevin on the golf tee. There was a meeting of minds; they quickly realised they shared a similar attitude toward business, life and sport. Following Kevin’s journey, we were moved by his dedication to his friend Rob Burrows and his work in the 7-in-7 challenge. He ran seven marathons in seven days to raise money for the MDN association. We donated £7,000 to show our support.

Kevin’s attitude to life, his uniquely successful playing career, his responsibilities as Director of Rugby and his beneficent outlook each struck a chord with those of us at Romero. There are stark similarities which mirror Romero’s growth and ethos. Our matched values of loyalty, determination and resilience were clear to see. It’s the key reason why we invited Kevin Sinfield to be a Romero partner; to show our commitment to these essential values.

We explore these values of loyalty, determination and resilience through our exclusive three-part series. With Kevin, we gauge his understanding of these key characteristics and draw parallels to the standards upheld by Romero Insurance Brokers.


“We all have our own understanding of what that looks like. I would say there was a uniformity in trust, in respect, in honesty, in turning up and working hard everyday – on the field when the bullets are firing and off the field aswell.”

Kevin has famously only ever enjoyed his Rugby League playing career at Leeds Rhinos. He was a Rhino for 19 years, having been made captain at 23. He talks to us about his relationship with his teammates and the unwritten characteristics needed to stay united. He gives us an exclusive insight into his history with the club and what it means to be a Rhino.


“I combined playing at Leeds Rhinos with my full-time education. That two years were probably the most difficult of my life. I was, every night, training, Saturday Sunday, and college 8 ‘till 4 every day and repeat…”

Kevin Sinfield discusses his determination as a player but also as an academic. Kevin has a sport science degree which he completed part-time alongside captaining the Rhinos. He also has a Masters in sport business, showing his determination to succeed on all fronts. Kevin talks about how his parents instilled in him the importance of both education and his sporting career, mirroring the values of Romero and our launch of the Romero academy.


“You can take great strength from the self-discipline, the focus, the belief, the sacrifices that you make. Having experience some difficult times, draw on the experience of those and use them to help.”
[Resilience is:] “Understanding that tomorrow the sun will always shine, and perspective always helps. We all have to face some stuff we don’t want to face throughout our lives and our careers, but just having the strength to stick in.”

Kevin is known for his self-discipline and utmost application. He talks with us about resilience, how we all have experiences and have had to make sacrifices to achieve. Where Kevin demonstrates resilience on the pitch and in his role as Director, Romero Insurance Brokers demonstrates through the care towards our clients, helping them through COVID and ensuring they are supported. Kevin also walks us through his process of becoming resilient and mentally tough.

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