Transforming Blue Monday into Bright Monday

Bright Monday at the Romero Group


Monday 17th January 2022 is the annual Blue Monday. Many office workers have already booked a holiday having tripped up on their January resolution. It’s at this time when our mental, physical and financial wellbeing is likely to struggle.

That’s why, this week, The Romero Group has transformed Blue Monday into Bright Monday.

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is a relatively new term which has been used to describe the third Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year.

The reality is that many of us can feel down at this point in the year because our New Year resolutions have started to fail, we feel the financial pinch after the Christmas spending and generally we may feel the monotony of everyday life along with bad weather and dark nights.

Did you know that by 17th January most people have decided to ditch their New Year resolutions because they have already failed them just a few short weeks into the year?

But in actuality, January is a great time to set new goals for the year ahead, get clear on your intentions and the steps to take to achieve the life you want and feel fulfilled. Read more about how to do this, in both business and your personal life, here.

Setting smart goals to accomplish this year



What is Bright Monday?

We are transforming Blue Monday into Bright Monday at The Romero Group. We want our colleagues to help us create a work environment that is unaffected by the common January blues.

We ask colleagues to spend today looking after their wellbeing. It could be regularly changing workspaces, thinking things through in another part of the building. It could be getting a nice lunch outside the office. It could be going for a walk, or a run after work.

Also, we ask our staff to help take care of their colleagues’ wellbeing. Be it making someone a brew, asking them about their day or weekend. We recommend they actively notice a colleague’s effort and leave a positive comment, perhaps through our Celebrate Your Workmate initiative.

We are, together, making the effort to turn Blue Monday into Bright Monday – and then to continue this effort through January and through the new season.

Walking around the Leeds office, there are new posters which have been framed. These highlight the messages of the week, involving an action we all could do today.

View our digital flipbook of all the posters here. Try to achieve each of the acts by the end of the week, there are five in total.


To Download Posters

The posters can be downloaded for personal or professional use here. We encourage placing these around your offices to help remind colleagues to take care of their wellbeing this winter.

A2 – How are you

A2 – Left your desk lately

A2 – Let me tell you a story

A2 – Where are you having lunch

A2 – D’you fancy a brew



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