Well done Adelle! Why we’re proud of our people

Here at the Romero Group, we’re unreservedly proud of our team. They’ve been working flexibly, supporting one another and always finding positive ways to look forward and carry on with a smile. During such a challenging time, we couldn’t be more confident that our customers are in safe hands with our dedicated team of professionals on hand to help. 

But it’s not just all about work for us. Our people are inspirations in their spare time, too. We’ve got volunteers, fundraisers and community supporters amongst us, all selflessly giving up their time and money to help others. 

Today we’d like to put the spotlight on our Assistant Finance Manager, Adelle, who has donated stem cells. It’s even more impressive considering she ventured out during the coronavirus pandemic to take part in such a selfless act! 

Adelle’s auntie sadly passed away from blood cancer several years ago, which raised awareness of the need for stem cell donations. Adelle put herself forward for donation through DKMS, which is a simple process. A swab kit is analysed and the results recorded on the UK stem cell registry. 

Predominantly younger men are chosen to donate, due to the characteristics of the blood cells. This means Adelle has been on the waiting list to donate for quite some time. However, earlier this year she was informed she’d been approved for donation. 

So what’s it like to donate stem cells? It’s as simple as giving blood – just a needle in the arm that takes blood and runs it through a special machine to separate out the vital stem cells. 

About DKMS and the importance of stem cell donation

Adelle worked with DKMS to help her register to donate her stem cells. DKMS is committed to fighting blood cancer. They help give patients the best chance of survival by expanding the registry of stem cell donations and raising the vital importance of becoming a donor. 

Each year in the UK over 2,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving blood stem cell donor. The more people on the register, the more chance there is of a match. For more information about blood cancer, stem cell donation and how to register visit the DKMS website

On donating stem cells, Adelle said: “It’s a few hours out of my life, to potentially save someone else’s. And I think that’s more than worth it.”

I think we can all agree that Adell’s act of kindness is a true inspiration, and just the type of good news we all need to bring a smile to our faces during these difficult times. 

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