What you need to do for each type of claim?

How to make an insurance claim with Romero Insurance Brokers

Preparation and detail when making a claim gives brokers the best chance at defending you successfully. Information is key, hence there are a number of actions to take in order to best prepare yourself and your representatives

When needing to make a claim, clients should immediately contact the Romero Claims Team, and have their policy number ready. Also have all information about the incident collected, such as photographs and contact information. A Romero Insurance dedicated claims handler will then be able to walk you through what’s needed.

See below a list of actions to remember in the event a claim needs to be made:

What to do for material damage claims:

Here are key points to remember in the event of material damage to your home, property or venue:

  • Register your claim with the Romero team as soon as possible.
  • Take photographs or videos to demonstrate the extent of the damage.
  • You should make sure the property is safe.
  • Only make emergency repairs if you need to.
  • Keep all receipts and invoices, gather quotes for repair costs and insurers normally.

What to do in the event of a liability claims, such as an injury or accident at work:

We understand any accident or incident can be distressing for all parties involved. To help us deal with your claim efficiently, please follow the below steps:

What to do immediately following an accident at work:

  • Complete the accident book record, making a note of the events on a purely factual basis, including date and time
  • Take photos of the accident scene
  • Retain CCTV if the incident was captured
  • Identify if there were any witnesses. If so, obtain statements from the relevant parties which outlines their version of events, what they actually saw and what the injured person may have told them
  • Identify if the area was checked following the incident – if so, what was found?

Report all riddors – prepare your documentation:

  • Provide a copy of the F2508 form
  • Provide the same documents as above
  • Advise if the injured person has returned to work and on what date. If not, do we have an estimated return date?

Write a formal letter of claim:

  • Copy of the Accident Book Entry
  • Copy of RIDDOR (if applicable)
  • Photos of the area and what was found when the area was inspected
  • Witness statements which outline what each individual saw, and what the injured person may have said to them
  • CCTV, if available
  • 13 Weeks’ earnings for the injured individual prior to incident (if an employee)
  • Training Documents, if available
  • Risk Assessment for the task in question pre/post-accident
  • Confirmation if the employee has returned to work post-accident
  • Personnel or Occupational Health Records may be requested but can only be supplied upon receipt of a mandate signed by the injured person

Contact Romero Insurance for advice on writing letters and templates. We work with a HR outsourcing business who have a bank of letter templates freely available to any Romero Insurance client.

What To Do For A Directors’ And Officers’ Liability Claims

There are many scenarios that could fall under your Directors’ and Officers’ Liability cover, from Health and Safety legislation breaches through to accusations of negligence or discrimination.

These types of claims are sensitive and often need to be kept private. Therefore, please call the Romero team as soon as possible to discuss your claim with a qualified professional.

What To Do In The Event Of A Cyber Insurance Claim

Due to the various events that could trigger the policy, please contact the Romero team as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will be able to provide bespoke advice.

See our information on Cyber crime and Cyber security.

Details of cyber attacks are complex and sensitive, and also dependent upon your type of business and the sector you work within. Therefore, we recommend contacting a representative who can quickly walk you through next steps. This could possibly include stopping business practices, Pen testing, or approaching cyber security third parties.

Review Romero’s Cyber Security Series for an in depth guide into managing your business’s cyber security.

What Do If You Involved In A Motor Incident And Want To Make A Motor Claim

Please download our Romero Claims App to help you manage your claims quickly, easily and efficiently.

See our Emergency Motor Claims page, where we have created a separate form and contact number for claims of this nature.

We’ve written out a detailed outline of what to do in the event of a motor accident. It involves four things to remember when a motor incident occurs. This can be downloaded for businesses to ensure their employees are aware of the correct procedure:

  • If you are involved in an accident, please do not admit liability or discuss blame with the other party until you have spoken to the Romero Claims Team.
  • Obtain the other driver’s name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration number, name of their insurer and motor insurance certificate number. If other people are involved, including witnesses or attending police officers, please obtain their name, address and telephone number too.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, third parties and damaged vehicles only if it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • And finally… please stay safe! Never drive your vehicle if it’s un-roadworthy, if you’re injured or if you feel incapable of doing so.

See our Motor Claims advice

Introducing The Romero Claims App

Our free Romero Claims App makes reporting motor claims quick, easy and comprehensive.

The Romero Claims App covers all aspects of a motor claim including:

  • Driver and vehicle details
  • Time and date stamp with GPS locator
  • Full incident reporting including damage & photos of the scene
  • Third party driver, vehicle or property details
  • Dashcam and telematics recording

Simply notify us of a claim via the app and we’ll get it processed and handled straightaway. Download the app for iPhone or Android now.