Why should you choose a career in insurance broking?

There are over 300,000 people employed in the UK insurance industry. Brokers are an important player in the industry, helping customers find the right cover for the best price.

But how do people discover a career in broking?

The broking industry is trying to attract young talent. It’s thought that most people “fall into” a career in broking, or already have prior connections to the industry through family or friends.

There are many routes to entry into the broking world: apprenticeships, internships, graduate training schemes and entry-level roles that allow training on the job. You don’t need a degree to begin a career in broking, though relevant degrees include finance or business studies.

Industry qualifications are available, and many employers (like the Romero Group) offer training and development programmes which supports an employees’ programme of study.

We asked some of our rising stars of the broking industry their thoughts on attracting talent in the broking industry…

Adam Milner, Account Handler

Like most people in insurance I hadn’t planned on entering the insurance industry until the opportunity came along at the right time. I was looking at graduate schemes up and down the country, and Romero just happened to be looking for a graduate candidate. During my initial meeting the Halifax team outlined the progression opportunities available in the industry.

Working with Romero has been great and the whole team have given me a lot of support right from the start which has helped me develop my insurance knowledge much faster.

I can honestly say I had no idea how complicated insurance was until I started this graduate scheme. There is always something new to learn. After Brexit I think a lot of things are going to alter again, but it is interesting to see how often things change in this industry from new laws coming in to trial case decisions etc.

My only advice to anyone entering the industry would just be to start with your Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualifications as soon as you can and always assume there is more to learn. This industry is unique in that once you have these qualifications under your belt it gives you a lot of options in the future.

The broking industry might need to reconsider how younger people are looking for jobs now. Vacancies are advertised online, so brokers will need to compete with jobs advertised by large insurers or banking / finance organisations. The industry needs to understand that your average person has no idea what a broker actually does, so it’s important that the benefits are clear. Brokers work for customers, not just a large corporation. And the career progression and job security the industry offers should stand out to young people looking at starting a career.

Sophie Joelle, Content & SEO Manager

Having worked in marketing roles before, mainly in a digital agency environment, I was expecting the world of insurance broking to be a big change! But I’ve been completely surprised by just how interesting the complex world of insurance is.

Working at Romero is one of the only places I’ve worked where I look forward to Monday, because the business nurtures an authentically positive and welcoming workplace environment. Romero’s focus on wellbeing isn’t just a way to attract and retain staff, it’s a genuine way of life here. I think other brokers and businesses in the financial services will start to take a leaf out of Romero’s book and put wellbeing front and centre, making it a really supportive industry to work in with plenty of room to grow and progress as an individual.

The industry can encourage young people to consider a career in broking by being more visible. Younger people need to know more about careers in broking and the progression opportunities available. I predict a rise in the number of brokers promoting Apprenticeships and Graduate Schemes in the future!

Emily Roche, Account Manager

I didn’t particularly set out to pursue a career in the insurance industry. My intention was to find a job with a reputable company where I could develop my career.

At Romero I have learnt about how commercial insurance works and what is involved with broking. The industry has provided me with opportunities to develop new skills and qualifications such as my CII qualification, and Romero has also provided me with prospects to develop my career. I think if young people were more aware of the kind of insurance qualifications available, then working in insurance broking might become more appealing.

Megan Sutton, Account Handler

I fell into insurance at the age of 19 when looking for a career change. I came across an apprenticeship that sounded interesting and the rest is history. Insurance is never something I considered before, mainly because it wasn’t something I was particularly aware of. I think young people need to be educated about the insurance industry and the various career paths on offer.

The insurance industry is always changing, with lots of opportunity to gain knowledge and grow your skill set. The industry needs to be more active in recruiting young people, such as attending schools and colleges so that young people can see what the insurance industry can offer them.

Rob Green, Account Handler

I got into the broking industry through a customer of the garage I was working in, who offered me an apprenticeship role. The broking industry has changed significantly over the past few years. CII are doing a lot more for young brokers, such as offering networking events. Young brokers should get involved as much as possible – my advice would be to attend social / networking events and try to work your way through the insurance qualifications. Take every opportunity you can.

Most people say they fell into a career in the insurance industry. It would be great for more young people in the industry to actively choose a career in broking, because it’s a great profession and offers clear progression opportunities. The CII and brokers themselves could hold talks at schools and universities to promote employment schemes and explain why students should consider a career in broking!

So there you have it! Advice straight from young professionals in the broking industry. For more information about working with us, or to find out about our current opportunities, contact us.

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