Yorkshire Financial Awards

The Yorkshire Financial Awards have been created to celebrate the incredible financial services industry and the achievements and successes of the region’s best and brightest. Yorkshire is home to the UK’s premier financial hub outside of London. Nominees are picked from a range of disciplines; myriad lenders, brokers, advisers and institutions. The Yorkshire Financial Awards also offer individual and team awards to those outstanding in their field.

The award categories are open to everyone involved in financial services within Yorkshire, but Romero insurance been put forward for the category Broker of the Year. This award requires a range of attributes only an ideal broker can maintain. Those being:

  • A diverse and competitive pool of insurer partners
  • Innovative and market-leading policies
  • Demonstrable knowledge of complex insurance products
  • Excellence in claims processing and management
  • Innovative use of technology to deliver a better service to customers

We believe we offer each of these qualities and more, and we were hoped to be proven right through our shortlisting. Find the full shortlist and more information here.


Romero Insurance are ecstatic to announce we have been shortlisted for Broker of the Year 2021

We’re well known for providing exceptional, personal service and developing a fantastic relationship with customers. We can only do this with the help of our expert team. In the last twelve months we have invested significantly in staff here at Romero.

We’ve expanded the Group to include corporate wellbeing provider We Are Wellbeing. The team is responsible for developing and delivering Romero’s yearly wellbeing programme which is designed to help our people thrive whilst at work. Engaged and motivated staff members are more productive and deliver the best service to our customers. This is proven by our unique in-house claims team, who recently settled its largest ever claim (£20m+) in under eight weeks.

We’re a truly independent broker, which is reflected in our structure. We don’t outsource projects or programmes – we develop them in-house. From our award-winning claims team to our Training Manager, we make sure we have everything we need in one place. We’ve also appointed a non-executive Director to challenge strategy and assist in developing our vision.

Customers know we’ll always stand by them and do what’s best. With the expertise and people onboard to enable us to do that.


What targets did you set yourself and how did you perform against those targets?

Our goal is to maintain our position as the number one independent commercial broker in the UK. We measure this on:

  • Customer satisfaction and retention – we continue to delight customers with our dedication to providing exceptional service, proven by our 97% customer retention rate.
  • Employee happiness and wellbeing – our staff’s overall happiness has increased by nearly 7% over the past twelve months.
  • Innovation in the market – we are the only independent broker with an in-house marketing agency, on-site wellbeing provider and its very own training academy. We also have plans in place to upskill our team by providing 2,500 hours of training next year – equivalent to two days per staff member annually.
  • Organic growth – won significant new business within the last twelve months.


Believing in Our Team

We still believe the power of independence is the bedrock of a good broker. And with the past 12 months seeing more brokers handing over their reins to huge multinationals, we’re proud to remain completely independent without any external investment or debt. We attribute our success to a combination of factors:

  • We’ve long believed that investment in our teams is central to success for our business and our clients, so we’ve redoubled our efforts to put our people first. After all, how can we expect our clients to believe in us, without our teams being fully invested and the best versions of themselves.
  • The Romero Academy – A group wide in-house academy designed to give our teams access to the very best training in technical, soft and complementary skills. With an uncapped training budget per person, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to giving them the best opportunity for advancement. Through our internal training and development team, to bringing in external trainers so that our teams from brokers and handlers, through to accounts, IT and marketing teams can all benefit from personal progression.
  • Celebrate Your Workmate – This revolutionary system, gives our teams the chance to share peer to peer recognition. From a job well done to a pioneering new way of working instigated by our teams on the ground, this gives everyone the chance to be celebrated and rewarded. Incentivising our teams to go the extra mile for each other, and in turn our clients. Ultimately, growing the success of our business.
  • Romero Pulse – A way to make sure that what we’re doing is working. We’ve designed and developed a unique digital pulse survey system, giving our teams the opportunity to anonymously feedback on how they feel, and how we’re performing for them. This system, built in house, gives us dashboard insight into our teams feelings, as well as giving them the opportunity to make anonymous suggestions for how we can improve things for them and our clients.
  • We Are Wellbeing – Following a successful wellbeing program, we took the ambitious step to launch a standalone employee wellbeing business. Not only delivering wellbeing services internally, we recognised the benefit it had for us, and saw an opportunity to grow our business and support our clients, by offering these tailored services as an additional branch to our customer offering.

It’s these programs combined, and by having the bravery & commitment to challenge the status quo of how a broker should operate, that has seen us grow our business, performing 5% ahead of our ambitious growth plans, and on track to carry on growing despite a hardening market and recession.

The awards are being held virtually next Thursday evening (25th) at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to stream the awards, you just need to register here.


Watch along and keep your fingers-crossed that they call our name!






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